1. saurabh_1e

    1Gbps in all universities

  2. soumya

    Korea to Get 1Gbps Downloading by 2012

    While we're all celebrating Charter's 60Mbps broadband access here in the US, the Korea Communications Commission is spending $24 billion to secure 1Gbps access by 2012. 1Gbps allows you to download a 120-minute film in 12 seconds. There's one small catch to the commission's plan, which is...
  3. dheeruymv1212

    wow 1gbps internet...........!!!

    Now da internet has increased the speed upto 1gbps....this was practically proved in SOUTH KOREA ... and it is tested for 16 systems it got succeeded..:) :) :) ha ha it's time for india to get into tat....hope india will get soon into 1gbps...:p
  4. hemant_mathur

    South Korea to launch 1 Gbps internet this year

    Source : *times.hankooki.com/lpage/200609/kt2006090819010168040.htm Super-Fast Internet to Debut This Year By Kim Tae-gyu Staff Reporter South Korea, the world's most wired nation, continues to push the envelope on the speed of the broadband Internet and looks set to make 1...
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