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1.5 tonne Split AC under 27K??


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Guys the market is packed with AC of so many brands and types that my head started spinning a while ago,
so i urge you to guide me through my first split ac.
All i need is a decent split ac with consumption and noise as low as poosible in the given budget, although noise factor comes last...

I require a 1.5 tonne AC
I live on Fourth floor in an apartment building...
Budget: 38 MAX...
Req : 5 Star rating
: Low energy/maintainance
: Low Noise levels
any recommendations and new suggesions are welcomed.
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At Rs 28K a 1.5 ton split energy efficient ac is a dream. Take a look at models from Voltas ,Bluestar and Panasonic with three stars. Theres a Voltas 185PX check if you can find it. At Rs 28K they will all consume over 1750 watts only the ones above Rs 38K consumes 1440/1550 watts.


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Alright after online search i came to conclusion that a split below 25k will be more costly in 5-7 years than a 40K one.
Am i Right or wrong im sill ligered.
So i am ready to increase my budget to 30K-38k MAX
and i require a 5 star low noise low maintaineance AC
any brand worthy will do.
so please guide me through.


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Guys is there any way to edit my thread title so as to attrct some attenton over my increased budget

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Hey man i tokk ur advice and incresed my budget. pls re evaluate and suggest..
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