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  1. D

    1.5 tonne Split AC under 27K??

    Guys the market is packed with AC of so many brands and types that my head started spinning a while ago, so i urge you to guide me through my first split ac. All i need is a decent split ac with consumption and noise as low as poosible in the given budget, although noise factor comes last... I...
  2. Ronnie11

    Need help with a 2 Tn AC(Window or Split??),About 45K Budget

    Need help with a 2 Tn Inverter AC-55k-60k(Updated) Hey guys, so i know there are a lot of threads for these but most of them didn't connect to what i was looking for, so hence i am opening a new thread...So i am looking for a 2 tonne AC(Preferring Split but do have a window ac slot in this...
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