1. bhunnu16

    yum not installing in RHEL 4.

    Hi! I am trying to install yum on my RHEL 4 . But when I clicked the rpm it flashed an error 'Source Package not supported'. When I extracted & compiled ,it showed the install bar. But when I executed the commnad yum. It says yum package not available. Kindly help me as I am not able to get the...
  2. Kenshin

    Installing kde in fedora

    I tried to install kde in fedora 8.Got the error [root@localhost ~]# yum groupinstall "KDE (K Desktop Environment)" Existing lock /var/run/yum.pid: another copy is running as pid 2883. Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit... Another app is currently holding the...
  3. nileshgr

    hplip problem

    I was trying to update my system through the terminal. First I typed: cd /bin yum update * all updated in /bin Then: cd /usr/bin yum update * it gave some error saying hplip can't be updated. so i typed yum update * --exclude=hplip --exclude=hpijs it updated...
  4. nileshgr

    Yum requires NET

    I recently installed FC-6 on my machine. It works well. I have removed Windows. When i try to install any package either using Yum GUI or TUI, it tries to obtain information about the pacakge from the NET. Why??? When i start Yum GUI, it gives an error saying "Cannot find a baseurl for repo...
  5. saurabh.sauron

    Repair Yum

    is there any way to repair yum in Fedora Core 6? i cannot install anything because i get some error. Component: yumex Version: 1.2.2 Summary: TB03120a34 yumexmain.py:1045:_runBackground:TypeError: rpmdb open failed Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/yumex/yumexmain.py"...

    Kino Installation Problem .

    Hi bro,i was installing kino(video editing software) 2day from this code yum -y install Kino [root@localhost Learner]# yum -y install Kino Loading "installonlyn" plugin Setting up Install Process Setting up repositories Reading repository metadata in from local files Parsing package...
  7. saurabh.sauron

    Some Fedora queries

    how can u install vlc player in Fedora Core 5. it doesnt find the package using yum and i get dependencies using RPM. also, is it a 77 MB tarball (i am downloading that right now)? is there no .bin file to install it? one more query... is it possible to install anjuta IDE on FC5 using yum? thnx
  8. nach p

    Soft installation prob.

    Since I managed to start net on FC5 installed machine ,now I don,t require to go back to windows and post the thread and also able to configure Azureus so now I can spend my time on learning linux. I tried to install some rpm and some tar packages but hardly able to install 3/25. When...
  9. B

    Installing ATI drivers in FC5

    Fedora Core 5 is giving me a real hard time. How am I suppossed to install drivers for ATI 9600?. I tried using yum & doing the yum -y --enablerepo install kmod-fglrx command but this thing wants to downgrade my kernel to an older version. Whats going on here. Is there any alternate way?. I...
  10. L

    yum update error.... :( pls help me!

    i tried to install yum, and also configured proxy, but when i try to run it, i get this error. pls help me with this. ihave tried to the fullest possible. There was a problem importing one of the Python modules required to run yum. The error leading to this problem was...
  11. L

    installing yum from terminal

    hi, I have FC4 and am under a proxy. I wanted to install some programs via YUM. But the terminal is not confiogured (gnome) to proxy. how do i do that so that i could access the rpms via yum for automated installation. help!! thanks. /legolas.
  12. R

    facing problem after using yam in redhat

    by mistake i used yam instead of yum. actually i was tryiing to know about yum, and in the process i did lot of tries in yam, after which i am unable to access my php pages on apache server. i get this error Not Found The requested URL /test2.html was not found on this server...
  13. Satissh S

    Flash in Linux

    Is there any Free, OpenSource Flash IDE that i can use to create flash programs in linux? If it can be installed by yum, or apt-get it'll be convinient. Searched google but no satisfactory results.
  14. harmax

    yum is YUMier with yumex

    the following url xplains all about yum *linux.duke.edu/projects/yum/howitworks.ptml ITS SIMPLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!11 here r a few things i yummed today yum install firefox and yum yummed yum [root@localhost ~]# yum install yum Setting up Install Process Setting up Repo...
  15. liquid_nitrogen88


    Edited:lets post all qns n articles abt graphics cards over here so that the whole hardware section dont get filled with numerous threads abt them Beauty outside Beast inside Gigabyte GV-N68T256DH 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT...
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