1. P

    Internet problem in Xiaomi Redmi 2

    I got my Redmi 2 yesterday. My Redmi 2 is working fine and i am satisfied so far. But I am facing a problem with my Redmi 2. Some pages/sites in my browser is not opening and showing "request timed out" msg. Can anyone help in this regard as to why is this happening. I have used three...
  2. Mr.Kickass

    Xiaomi starts selling smartphones at physical stores in India

    (Source) Finally, a way to physically check the phone. (assuming one manages to arrive before they vanish)
  3. saikiasunny

    Power Bank in < rs 600

    Hello guys. So i need a power bank for my zenfone 5. was looking for xiaomi ones but OOS everywhere. Was specifically looking for 5200 models. I only heard about the xiaomi models and don't know much about other brands. Any suggestions guys for a bank which is reliable and economical.
  4. Samarth 619

    REVIEW: Xiaomi Redmi 1S:- The budget performer.

    Xiaomi Redmi 1s review: The budget performer. Guys, As promised in the Mi 5200 Review thread, I am writing a review of Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Thanks to my college’s corporate level Fibre-optic internet, I passed through the Redmi 1S flash sale in first attempt itself. To know more about Xiaomi...
  5. RohanM

    Xiaomi infringes Ericsson patents, ordered to stop sales in India

    The Delhi High Court has ordered Xiaomi to stop sales, advertising, manufacturing or importing of devices in India. This is the result of the company infringing upon Ericsson's standard essential patents. Ericsson has managed to get an injunction against Xiaomi, which prevents the later from...
  6. E

    Xiaomi Mi4 to Debut in India by Year End; Redmi Note, Redmi 1S to Hit Stores Before Diwali

    (Source) Still not as VFM as the Mi3, I guess...
  7. R

    Xiaomi Pays $20,000 Fine For Misleading Taiwanese Consumers

    Xiaomi Pays $20,000 Fine For Misleading Taiwanese Consumers
  8. 1

    In Ear Earphone for Xiaomi Mi 3

    Hi all I am on the lookout for a decent quality earphone for Xiaomi mi 3 Budget strictly below 400 INR ( no money left after buying phone :blackeye: ) . regards, 123hero
  9. quagmire

    Xiaomi secretly sending your info to Chinese servers

    Xiaomi secretly sending your info to Chinese servers - GSMArena Blog chinese-servers/ Looks like Xiaomi is working for China to make a NSA of their own. Well done! Sorry for the guys who just bought a Xiaomi.
  10. P

    Xiaomi passes Apple to become the 2nd biggest smartphone company in China

    source Xiaomi passes Apple to become the 2nd biggest smartphone company in China
  11. cacklebolt

    Xiaomi phones discussion thread

    Hello everyone! I am sure a lot of people here have been curious about Xiaomi's foray into the Indian market. This thread has been created for the sole purpose of discussing the various devices the company has launched, the issues users are facing and first-hand feedback from the owners. My...
  12. 1

    Advice for Accesories for Xiaomi Mi3

    Hi all After what seemed like an Indo-Pak War, i am happy to announce that I have won the battle and i am getting a Xiaomi Mi3 which will be delivered today. I am on the look out for some accesories for my Xiaomi. I would be requiring the following 2 accesories 1. Matte Finish screen guard (...
  13. R

    Xiaomi Mi 3 bugs

    I found this thread and was apprehensive to buy Mi3 as it has several bugs. en.miui.com/thread-26722-1-1.html Let me know as soon as you get your Xiaomi Mi 3 if there are any bugs.
  14. kg11sgbg

    A very good alternative to Moto E by XIAOMI: Redmi 1S

    I repent for buying the XOLO Q600s by XOLO,which is nonetheless a very good smartphone/phablet at the budget of ₹7.2k XOLO Q600s is a smart buy for many of us, but the soon to be launching XIAOMI Redmi 1S (probably in Aug'14, next month) is a phenomenal smartphone at ₹6,999 Just look at the...
  15. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Xiaomi MiPad showcased in India, launch soon

    Xiaomi has come to India with all the guns in its arsenal and is leaving no stone unturned to capture the lion’s share of each of the segments which it is venturing into. It has launched the Mi3 for Rs 13,999, Redmi Note for Rs 9,999 and Redmi 1S for Rs 6,999 and all the three smartphones are...
  16. R

    Xiaomi Redmi 1S and Redmi Note launched in India

    Last week we talked about Xiaomi launching the Mi 3 in the Indian market. This week, the company has launched two more smartphones, along with a revised pricing for the Mi 3 and launch details. First of all, the Mi 3 has seen a price cut. It is now available for ₹13,999 ($232) instead of the...
  17. sandynator

    The Official Xiaomi Discussion Thread

    Xiaomi launches Mi 3 in India for INR 14,999 Xiaomi launches Mi 3 in India for INR 14,999; available starting July 15 Spec Sheet Xiaomi MI-3 - Full phone specifications Mi India: Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] Mi India: Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] [Updating] - India - MIUI Official...
  18. sksundram

    One Plus One and mi3 available on Amazon

    OnePlus One and Xiaomi Mi3 now available on Amazon.in Excerpt : If you were planning to buy the OnePlus One handset, here is some good news. The OnePlus one and the Xiaomi Mi3 are now listed and available on Amazon.in for Rs. 34,500 and Rs. 37,450 respectively.
  19. G

    Xiaomi mi3 queries and buying guide

    Hello ppl, I will be in Beijing for a few days and I was planning to buy a xiaomi mi3 ,here are my few queries, I live in India and the operating 3G frequency here is UMTS 2100, so my doubt is if I buy a tegra 4 version mi3 ,will it work in India ,I only need 2g and 3G facilities(4g not yet...
  20. SaiyanGoku

    Xiaomi coming to India!!

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