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  1. kg11sgbg

    Unable to write DVD or CD through DVD writers in Windows

    I am unable to read or write DVD/CD (accessing data,burning an OS,etc.) through my DVD writers in Windows 7. What is the problem????
  2. Chetan1991

    Need resources for aspiring writers

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to improve my writing skills and I guessed joining a forum for aspiring writers and reading a few blogs of recognized writers giving advice would be helpful. Can anyone here point me toward such sites? Also are there some sites to teach an advanced non-native English...
  3. MegaMind

    Good USB Optical disk drive for netbook.

    Hey guys, Need a good external plug n play ODD for my cousin's netbook. Which one to go for? External DVD Writers Price India - Latest External DVD Writers Price in India & Free Home Delivery
  4. sriharsha_madineni

    Is my writer burning correctly??

    I randomly checked a few DVD's burned on my writer Moser Baer DH-20A4P and few burned on several writers. This is what I got in Nero Disc Speed 5 and the media is National 16X results were similar with a Sony 16X dvd burned with my writer and same for DVD's burned with other writers as...
  5. S

    30-35k gaming comp

    hi guys i was wonderin if u guys cud help me assemble a comp... i need a obv procc+motherboard+gpu+psu+cabinet+ram+monitor+ups... i already have a hard disk, speakers, writers .. my budget is around 30 k but can extend to 40... pl help
  6. anshul

    DVD Writers malfunctioning!

    I have a Samsung OCTROEDGE CD RW+DVD R and a sony DVD writer. Recently I canceled a autorun process and after that the DVD writer has stopped functioning......... It scratches the discs and doesnt read them.......... The same case is with the CD-RW which sometimes reads the DVDs. Can...
  7. esumitkumar

    external DVD writer USB ?

    HI ALL As my laptop and desktop DVD writers keep on showing errors ..i was thinking the idea of buying DVD writer (external USB based) .. can anyone tell me how successful are they ? and whats the cost (cheapest) .. and also tell your exp abt USB external CD writers .. TIA Sumit
  8. S

    IDE Proble,

    Hi, I just baught a new mobo GIGABYTE 945GZM-S2 The problem is it has only one IDE port while I have 1 IDE HDD and 2 DVD Writers, How do I get around this problem.
  9. H

    Ups Troubleshooting

    gUYS I bought a 500VA UPS a few months ago.Now the problem is whenever the voltage fluctuates the computer reboots !!! Has anyone come across such a thing ? My configration is Pentium 4 -1.8GHz,2 hdd one from seagate 160GB and Samsung 40GB,17'' CRT monitor,2 dvd writers. And has anyone tried...
  10. H

    Which are Best Dual layer DVD writers out there?

    Hey there guys i wanna know the best dual layer dvd writers out there along with their prices as i am planning to back up my data.Thanks in advance(I will thanks after ur replies too)
  11. 24online

    Blu-ray DVD Writers

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu-ray_Disc http://www.blu-ray.com/drives/ DVD writers which cost approx. US$ 1000 ...
  12. P


    hey geeks out there can anyone tell me where can i find whatever i want to know abut blu ray discs & blu ray writers there specificaions how they work & what they do
  13. D

    DVD region coding

    if i buy a dvd movie from amazon.com (with region coding 1), will it work in india, on pc's dvd writers?
  14. overdose_14


    Look how's NFS carbon runnin on my old rig http://img92.imageshack.us/img92/7731/untitledjz7.jpg configration of my old rig is AMD 2400+ 512 MB RAM NVidia 5200fx 128bit version (128 Mb ram) and samsung 7200rpm 80gb *2 two dvd writers sony and game runs without any hiccups. i was...
  15. anandk

    Expect New malware attacks ... soon !!!

    The hacking community has run out of fresh ideas when it comes to creating malware, according to security vendor Kaspersky Lab. The company’s report, Malware Evolution: July - September 2006, says: ‘Threats are no longer global, and are not effective for as long as they used to be...there has...
  16. C

    DVD Writer (Urgent!!!!)

    First of all curse me as much as u want and don't ask me to search:D . I did and found results but damn confused. Now I m gonna buy Dvd writer tomo. Jst tell me one thing - R ASUS dvd writers good? Anyone experienced anything bad with that company writers? Which model is best in ASUS. Well ok...
  17. B

    dvd writers

    have u ever made an multisession dvd-r or dvd-rw if have would u please help me to make one ...
  18. liquid_nitrogen88

    All DVD WRITER related topics here

    almost everyday a new thread pops out related to DVD writer.Its high time we start a sticky thread to which all discussions about DVD Writers are limited to,like we did for Graphics card....
  19. Pragadheesh

    Which DVD writer to buy..? Urgent...

    Hello everyone, I want to buy a DVD writer, but very much confused of which DVD writer to get. What about an LG DVD writer ? Have u experinced any problem with LG dvd writers? and i heard that SONY dvd writers doesnt read all the cds:o( please help me guys...
  20. F

    Is it better to wait for HD-DVD/Blue-ray disk or go for regular DVD writers

    Is it better to wait for HD-DVD/Blue-ray disk or go for regular DVD writers
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