1. Cyberghost


    Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy Developer: Obsidian Entertainment Publisher: Paradox Interactive Release Date: Coming Soon! In Tyranny, the grand war between good and evil is over – and the forces of evil, led by Kyros the Overlord, have won. The Overlord’s merciless armies dominate...
  2. Zangetsu

    Two Kinds of People

    This is really excellent and just the picture speaks louder than words. 2 Kinds of People
  3. E

    Irritating ads on common words in some browsers

    Dear Experts, These days, on browsers like Firefox with FlashGot, I see unwanted ads/hyperlinks even on common words (not intended hyperlinks). My FF has ABP plugin too. On many other systems (used by others), I see this issue. But on a new browser installed with no plugins, I don't see this...
  4. ithehappy

    Could someone please tell me how to have UK English, instead of US Craplish?

    I am fed up with this. Every time I am writing an email or something in a blog or here, these meaningless spelling recommendations and red error given on correctly spelled words are beyond my toleration. Colour, red underline, and so many other words which I don't remember right now, disgusting...
  5. Ironman

    A Request to all Digitians Friends

    I wanted a Email with 2 or 3 words without "." or Numbers like "af" in OUTLOOK.com Now i am very late for it in Outlook.com Now can any one try and make me a email with 2 or 3 words only and alphabet (no choice) or give me one DAMN if i can go back me in time and signup in August 1 Please...
  6. khanmahvish

    need a new laptop

    hey guyz i need a new laptop for some high end gaming purpose.... my budget is around 80k please suggest the best one... and also i am considering the hp envy 17 3d any words for it??
  7. H

    use dictionary words in c#

    i want to use random words from the dictionary in my windows phone app...can anyone help me on this...because it is tiresome if i add words in an array one by one...
  8. Krow

    Today I understood why people buy headphones...

    ...and I only listened to the Audio Technica M20 for F.I.V.E. minutes. My Brainwavz M1 just cannot, I repeat, can not give me the same: Sound quality Impact Depth Width Premium feel (coiled, thick cable) Polished looks Spongy comfort Words have failed me. I cannot enclose my...
  9. RBX

    RegEx Syntax Highlighting in RTB [VB.net]

    There are numerous examples of Syntax Highlighting using RegEx floating over the web but all are way too length and complicated codes for someone fairly new to Vb.net. I found this code which uses Strings Private Sub RichTextBox1_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As...
  10. T

    REQUEST to TDF Members

    TDF members are requested to DELETE ME from their CIRCLE ASAP (Google+) I am not going to return back to the TDF FORUM. Even if I was WRONG in opening that particular thread in the TDF, NO one has the right to use ABUSIVE WORDS against me. That shows how intelligent FORUM MEMBERS and...
  11. vickybat

    PS3 10% Ahead of 360 This Year Worldwide, 'Strong Contender' to Take Second Place

    Yes guys you read it right. Finally ps3 is set to prove what it committed in the start of this console generation. From its initial lackluster sales to a huge exclusive base, the ps3 has come a long way. Many critics doubted the ps3 in the beginning and big developers like VALVE even cited...
  12. H

    A great new word game for Android

    Just came across a word game: Le God of Words for android. The graphics are really eye-pleasing, and smooth. There's only one mode, where one has to unjumble a word, and another that is states as "coming soon". It also supports online scoring and achievements. The timed mode is really...
  13. sriharsha_madineni

    SwiftKey X : Intelligent Keyboard for your Android Device

    SwiftKey needs no introduction, the eerily accurate prediction of this keyboard app is a boon for Android Devices. Within a few weeks of its release it became one of the top selling apps in Android market. It learns the words you type and learns words from your sent SMS and updates its...
  14. R2K

    Blurry Vertical lines on LCD monitor

    I purchased a Acer H163HQ LCD monitor before 2 days. Yesterday i found blurry words in certain areas of the screen. The only place the words are blurry is in three vertical lines; left, center, and right side of the screen. The lines are about one inch wide and run from top of the screen to the...
  15. N

    Unscramble the Computer Related Words

    The words below are very commonly used computer related words just try to unscamble them. I urge people to not bang their heads too hard ;-) YEGTAIBG CILTGOHE ZRREA FMMENAARI HARSWEUEO RAINDOD LCEARO RTTIPERREEN TLOPCORO ASDVMENC IVDAC DRIEECO The last one is the expanded version...
  16. avichandana20000

    phonetic words

    CAN EXCEL 2007 recognise PHONETIC words? if yes what is th formula to do so in excel cell?
  17. U

    pc config for both multimedia+gaming

    need pc config for primarily for multimedia(maya,photoshop,after effects,fusion....) and occasional gaming and its for one of my friend, and iam cornering to words intel config because in that room already others Phenom and athlon pc budget is 40-45k
  18. IronCruz

    Eger to know

    in some sites i've seen the words used "SOME GAME NAME"-RELOADED "SOME GAME NAME"-Full RIP etc what does this bolded words stand for...
  19. IronCruz

    FIFA 07 EA trax?

    I heard a beautiful song in FIFA 07. I didnt get the name of that song. But these words come "ah! what a finish". Can anybody tell me the name of that song?
  20. K

    Jailbreaking ipod?

    I bought a ipod touch 3 days ago.and i read somewhere about jail breaking your ipod. so my question is : Does jail breaking the ipod damage the software/s? other words what are the disadvantages of jail breaking? and can anyone suggest good FREE apps and games for my ipod?
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