1. sushan

    Windows media Player coulnot run

    Dear Frens, I have a problem with my windows media player that I have on my pc installed when it was bought.I tried to play music it doesn’t run.So, I have tried to delete the existing media player which is version 9.0.0325 so, I tried to deleted this version from my pc and wants to get new...
  2. desiibond

    Archos released new full touch screen internet media tablets

    The new Archos 5 and Archos 7 Internet Media Tablets provide a new way to enjoy the Web, digital media, and TV. Plus, they're available with a plethora of storage, including 60 GB, 120 GB, 160 GB, 250 GB, and even 320 GB capacities--store your entire collection. These ultra-thin, extremely fast...
  3. Y

    Mp3 bitrate showing 0 kbps

    I have Windows XP Professional x64 with Service Pack 2 installed along with Windows Media Player 11 x64. The problem is that in windows explorer, the bitrate field of all mp3 is showing 0 kbps. But when I check out the bitrate by playing the mp3, wma displays it correctly eg - 256 kbps or 320...
  4. saipradeepg

    King of Mp4 Players for Sale (4GB) @ 4k!!!

    Update : SOLD Hi All, I'm planning to sell off my Meizu Mp4 player.(6 Months old) Just see the below links for brief product comparision with Ipod. http://en.meizu.com/userforum/forum_posts.asp?TID=310...
  5. Arun the Gr8

    is quality of wma greater than mp3?

    I have heard that wma has better quality than am mp3 file... and that an aac file has better quality even than wma... what i mean is that a file encoded in 64 kbps in aac format has better quality than a 64 kbps wma file, i.e. aac > wma > mp3 (for a file encoded in 64 kbps in all cases)...
  6. gxsaurav

    Apple sued over supposed iTunes monopoly, being mean to Microsoft

    [CENTER] Source where is prakash? I guess it's time he should start hating the pioneer of DRM in Music market , crApple
  7. A


    MediaMonkey is a music manager and jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users. It catalogs your CDs, OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, WAV and MP3 audio files. It offers an intelligent tag editor which looks up missing Album Art and track information via Freedb and the web, and an automated...
  8. ajayritik

    Will my DVD player play songs in WMA format?

    Is WMA format supported by DVD player? I have a Home Theatre system on which I listen to songs! I have some nice collection of songs in WMA format! Do we have any free software to convert WMA to MP3?
  9. ajaybc

    wma to mp3 batch converting software

    I have a lot of wma format music in my computer which i would like to convert into mp3 format.Are there any software which I can use to BATCH CONVERT(Convert them all together instead of converting them one by one). I know there are many software out there which can get the job done.What I want...
  10. alsiladka

    One True Music Format: MP3

    A must read. It shows how in the tech world, the best does not always win! Source - Winsupersite
  11. ajayritik

    What is wma format?

    I have got some songs with wma format? How is this different from MP3? Can I convert this to MP3 format? Will I lose the quality of the songs? Which software is best to convert wma to MP3?
  12. chesss

    wma player doesn't play Wma files

    Hi I have this cheap 128mb mp3 player, that I have been using to play mp3 files. It also claims to supports wma. So today i converted some of my mp3 files to wma using SUPER, they play nicely on my PC, but fail to play on my mp3/wma player. Any ideas why? I am a noob in encoding...
  13. M

    need to knw the difference among mp3 and wma ?

    Hi all, I wanna knw, wht s the difference between mp3 and wma formatt cds. someone told me tht, wma cds will bear 2000+files of songs can anyone guide me by providing the advantage / drawbacks among these both? Waiting mobileman
  14. iMav

    Create Virtual Bands With Kompoz.com

    New online resource for musicians, Kompoz, has launched a platform for music collaboration online. The website works has social networking tools and technology to enable musicians including garage bands, independents, and professionals to create, collaborate, and mix their music online...
  15. maharajadhiraj

    need a wma player for 6630

    Hey dudes I recently dled wma plus...but it has some bug...my mp3 files dont play in d music player...so i had to uninstall it...u noe any other softwares??
  16. S

    mp3 skin for N70

    Can some one tell me some good mp3 skin for n70, as the inbuilt player is good, but when we receive a call..it stops and again we need to play it back. I was using wma plus in 3230..but that doesn't work in N70....so please suggest me Thanks Saravanan
  17. Dreamer

    MP3 ringtone software for Nokia 6600

    Hello ppl, here is one nice app that enables us to use mp3's as ringtones in Nokia 6600, although i am not sure about other models that the company making it is claiming to support. Hope it helps many ppl here. Some official info: Download PS: The software is shareware, but worth a try...
  18. S

    WMA format consumes more power ina player??

    is it true tht WMA files take more power to play than mp3??
  19. godsownman

    Wma to Mp3 converter

    Please give me some names of softwares that can be used to convert from wma to mp3. I must have downloaded half a dozen by now but each one has got it own set of nasty comments and this prevents me from getting the task done. I have even tried searching the forum but to no avail. Thanks
  20. Akshay

    Recommended s/w. & links for Nokia 6600

    Here is a list of MUST HAVE softwares for nokia 6600 along with the links. Suggestions, comments for other softwares r welcome. System utilities- 1. efile manager (eFileman) by psiloc - www.psiloc.com- a bettr option den fexplorer 2. Appman - http://www.symbianware.com - application...
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