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windows 8.1

  1. K

    Printer sharing error over LAN on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 & Windows 11

    Hello friends, I'm recently facing error 0x00000709 while sharing local printers over LAN on client PCs. The printers are working fine on host computers. The problem is happening only on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 & Windows 11 OS. Windows 7 machines are working just fine. I have total 112...
  2. D

    Windows 8.1 blank screen after booting

    My gaming pc, configuration in the signature, running windows 8.1 pro64bit, while playing MGSV, hooked with Samsung led TV screen, suddenly showed blank screen with no response, even can not do ctrl, alt, del. PC is still running, had to do force shut down by pressing power button. Upon...
  3. D

    Help me change font colour system tray clock? Windows 8.1

    It happened after I tried windows 10 transformation pack for 8.1. Uninstallation didn't help. Thanks.
  4. Tejo

    System Volume Information folder occupied 100 gb

    I have been noticing recently, my C drive gets occupied fully even if there are no bigger programs installed. Out of 150gb, after uninstalling few programs, the space left was 30gb. Day by day it started decreasing and i saw 20gb today. I used the disk cleanup tool and it shows only 100mb after...
  5. S

    cant access BIOS (DB85FL)

    I recently bought a new desktop (spec in sig). The assembler installed an pirated win 7 and demonstrated that all systems are working properly.I bought a win 8.1 pro from Microsoft (@3499 Rs with student discount) and made a fresh install. Everything was nice and pretty except 4 "secure boot...
  6. ariftwister

    Problem With Firewall Settings

    I have used tiny wall as my firewall before a week or so. Due to some reasons tinywall didnt work properly. It always doesnt allow me to connect. So I disabled the firewall option in tinywall and uninstalled it and now installed COMODO firewall. Now COMODO says that firewall isnt configured...
  7. sanny16

    hp probook 440 g1 running slow after upgrading to win 8.1

    When i first started it, i was amazed by the fast booting process and loading of windows to start screen was quick too. Windows 8 is definitely takes less booting time than its predecessor. Every thing was working fine the first day. I created a password for the user account and updated apps ...
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