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hp probook 440 g1 running slow after upgrading to win 8.1


When i first started it, i was amazed by the fast booting process and loading of windows to start screen was quick too. Windows 8 is definitely takes less booting time than its predecessor. Every thing was working fine the first day. I created a password for the user account and updated apps , installed programs and update windows and antivirus too.

Yesterday, i got a message from MS to upgrade windows to 8.1 and i started downloading the update. It took 7 hrs to complete the whole process. I have a bandwidth of 1 mbps and it still took a lot of time. It seems windows 8 is slow or weak in intercepting the wifi signals. After few restarts, a hp drive encryption popped up and i filled in all the details and i also activated skydrive services. Now my windows is upgraded to 8.1 , i have hp drive encyption and skydrive is active at all times.

After updating every changes , i restarted the laptop. This time it took a while to start. now i am not able to access my user account using my old password, instead i am asked to login first via hp drive encryption using my skydrive password and then again i have to login using same password to get to the start screen. There is two layer of security check and windows 8.1 , which is probably the reason for slow processing.

My laptop config:

4 GB RAM, 4th gen i7, 1 TB HDD, Win 8.1 pro

Now my questions:

1> Should roll back to windows 8? I did not find much changes in 8.1 except for the windows icon at the bottom left corner of the screen and its slowing down my system. (if yes, then what are the steps for roll back process)

2> What is the use of hp drive encryption (advantages and disadvantages)? Its slowing down my system too. How can i disable it?

3> I want my old user account login back like we have in windows 7. I do not want to login via live id. This is also responsible for slowing down the system.

4>What are the ways to tune up or speed up windows 8.1?

Last but not the least, i want to partition my C drive(windows) because its the only drive i can use for data and storage. Other two drives are for RECOVERY and HP TOOLS. I checked my disk and its type is basic. Do i have to uninstall hp drive encryption and skydrive to proceed with partition? Do i have to run defrag before partitioning the drive further?
Should i use EaseUS partition manager for safe partition?

I will create a system restore before partition the drive.

And what is Hp Tools? What is its use?
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