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  1. Arjun609

    Best Screen Locker App For Android!!!

    I have my huawei mediapad 10 link its good no problems But Iam fed up with its screenlocker.No widgets to add,classic styled Can anyone suggest me a good and secured screenlocker for my android device
  2. d3p

    Nokia Belle Thread

    So where there is will, there is always a way....Finally the much awaited Nokia Belle is officially launched in India by Nokia. Belle Support Home [Link] Features : -Have up to six home screens with live widgets in different sizes -Personalise your home screens with home screen widgets and...
  3. Garbage

    Mosaic project: an application that brings Windows 8 Metro UI to Windows 7

    Get it from here - Mosaic Project
  4. A

    yahoo widgets or object dock ?

    yahoo widgets or object dock ? which is better and why ?
  5. S

    Free Online Radio services

    i would like to know about online radio services,the bandwidth they consume and if there are any widgets addons in opera/firefox that support them.
  6. R

    How can I develop Nokia Web Runtime (WRT) widgets for the S60 platform devices?

    How can I develop Nokia Web Runtime (WRT) widgets for the S60 platform devices?
  7. aditya1987

    Please Rate My Desktop Customization!!!

    Softwares Used :- 1.Hyperdesk 2.Yahoo Widgets :cool:
  8. latino_ansari

    Screenlets problem???

    I have installed ubuntu 8.04??? I installed comiz+emerald+screenlets... Compiz and emerald are working fine.... The screenlets icon is displayed in the bar beside the volume icon but i am unable to start it(means i cannot choose the widgets to display and no widgets are being displayed)... I...
  9. agentx007


    So, you want to make your ugly :oops: Windows XP interface look like Mac OS X, huh? It's really not all that difficult to do, and with a little luck, you'll be able to convince all but the most die-hard Mac users that you run an Apple computer. You can also do the same without any hassles using...
  10. abhinandh

    Google Gadgets on Your Desktop and Super Karamba Themes with Screenlets 0.1

    With the newest version of Screenlets, 0.1, you can now run not only Python Screenlets but also Google Gadgets, other web widgets, and web applications. Start the Screenlets Manager (Applications->Accessories->Screenlets). If you get an error about Gtkmozembed, you need to fix this first by...
  11. shyamno

    Plz help me with HTML coding

    Friends....plz have a look at my blog http://windows-registry-editor.blogspot.com/ There is a huge gap in between Blog Rolls and Tech Global.Com widget..... I don't know how this space is comming....and I want to remove that space so that the widgets are continous.... So plz....help...
  12. koolbluez

    ProtoPage - is it just another personalised webpage?

    I'm a self-confessed NetViber... since the time it was released.. i was goin on adding as many feeds as possible in its ajax interface as possible to ease my life into bein in tune with the rest of the world. And.. it works.. pretty good... Then I got some better news. Another kid in the...
  13. eddie

    [HOW TO] Beautify Firefox controls under Linux/*NIX

    Ubuntu forums describes a neat little hack to make your Firefox widgets beautiful. You might not realise what you are missing until you actually see the effects. Example screenshots of Google before and after applying the hack. Before After How To: Firefox Widgets
  14. krates

    The best Website For Website Creators

    www.widgetbox.com Widgetbox is a directory and syndication platform for web widgets for blogs and other web pages. Our widgets work with TypePad, WordPress, Blogger, MySpace as well as most other blogs, sidebars or websites. No plug-ins are needed, and they're free May Besome Members Knowing...
  15. S

    Google's Blogger Adds 2 COOL New Widgets: NEWSREEL, VIDEOBAR

    Google's Blogger Adds 2 New Widgets: NEWSREEL, VIDEOBAR For those people who blog at Blogspot.com, here's something relevant to you. Blogger.com now has the two new widgets that you can add to your blog: Newsreel and VideoBar. Newsreel automatically adds current headlines from Google News...
  16. Manshahia

    Best widgets in opera...

    frnds share ur favourite widgets u use mostly in opera...
  17. gxsaurav

    Yahoo Widgets Engine 4 out now

    Yahoo has relesed the long awaited update to Yahoo widget with proper support for Windows Vista. Although it is not native to Vista (WPF), well....it doesn't need to. Memory usage is optimised upto 40% on Vista too. The new addition to Yahoo Widget 4 is the Widget dock. A new framewrok due to...
  18. iMav

    DesktopX widgets

    i hav had some widgets from wincustomize .. to be particular ... 1. To-DO list 2. A notepad kinda widget my problem .... for sometime im unable to edit text in them ... wen i click the '!' nothing happens ... whereas then i shud be able to edit the text .... :confused: .... any ideas
  19. S

    Schmedley.com-A cool new startpage, but incomplete still

    Schmedley.com is a cool new start-page with widgets, that bring together content from around the web. They call their widgets 'schmidgets' and like others they do tiny jobs like fetching your search results from Google, Yahoo! and Windows Live, weather forecasts, stock quotes, book search on...
  20. R

    startup ok but shutdown have problem

    well I have amd 3000+ , msi MB , 1024 mb , windows XP installed and there is windowBlinds and various screen mod software installed with some objectdocks widgets and there r Fsecure and tune-up utilities startup is normal but shutdown takes very long time . guys help .
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