1. bubusam13

    Two 4:3 monitors or one widescreen monitor

    Hi Guys, I am having a 17" 4:3 Acer monitor which do most of my job thou I'm feeling the need of a a wider screen for few applications like After effects and casual gaming. So should I buy a 16:9 widescreen monitor or buy another 17" 4:3 size monitor and use it as an extended display which...
  2. Desmond

    The Droolmaal Thread

    Hi all, This thread is dedicated to all those stuff that we would kill for, drool over and have wet dreams of. But, then we cannot imagine to have those in real life without having to give away an arm, a leg and possibly a kidney. So, here goes, a showcase of all the best (and hideously...
  3. M

    17/21 Inches widescreen LCD monitor for PC

    I am looking for 17/21 Inches widescreen LCD monitor for official PC use. no gaming, movies etc.just for MS office and net browsing.i want it just for escaping from strain and fatigue causing because of CRT monitor use. But, my budget is less.. around 4-5K only. should i go for Intex...
  4. manikant

    Need a large screen for my Gaming Rig.

    HI GEEKS, I m looking for a large screen TV\Monitor. It should have HDMI ports, USB host, card reader would b a welcome. I m gonna use it for virtual PCs, net surfing, occasional gaming , video chats etc. I prefer a 27" widescreen n max 32". I will use it from 3-4 feet distance. Price...
  5. M

    Dell 20 Inch WideScreen HD LED Monitor (IN2030M) Buying suggestion

    Hello guys i am building a pc for office and some personal work. Not much in gaming. Only normal work. I am going to use with Asus g41 combo board. So only internal graphics use. Let me know if this monitor is good performer. I am getting it at 5.3k. If any one find it lesser let me know.
  6. S

    Suggest me a HD monitor for my gfx card - budget 8k

    Here are some i was looking for : Dell 22 Inch WideScreen HD LED Monitor (ST2220L) Dell 22 Inch WideScreen HD LED Monitor (ST2220M) Dell 23 Inch WideScreen LED Monitor (ST2320L) Benq 21.5-inch led full hd monitor with dvi port G2222hdl BenQ G2220HD /E2220 HD Dell has dymanic...
  7. Skyh3ck

    19" widescreen LCD monitor with built in speaker

    SOLD Model number and details: Viewonic VG1930wm 19" widescreen LCD Monitor with built in speaker LCD Type 19" color TFT active matrix SXGA+ LCDDisplay Area 410mm horizontal x 259mm vertical; 483mm diagonal (16.1" horizontal x 10.0" vertical; 19.0"diagonal)Optimum Resolution...
  8. NitrousNavneet

    Widescreen Monitor

    wHY WE NEED A WIDESCREEN mONITOR. wHAT ARE IT's Properties ? I mean I watched Ready in My new widescreen Moni. and Salmaan and Aseen were very Nataa & motaa on the screen. Is there any cure of it?
  9. S

    any AGP card supporting widescreen resolution

    I need a 4X/8X AGP card which can run widescreen LCD with resolution of 1368 * 768 Cheapest will do. Delhi seller desired
  10. R

    How to Run CS 1.6 in 800 by 600 in widescreen ?????

    Hello i hav a laptop Dell Studio 1558 laptop of configuration 4 GB DDR3 , INTEL core i5 560M , ATI 545v , 500 GB 7200 RPM HD I want to Play counter strike 1.6 on 800 by 600 resolution in widescreen..... but i m not able to configure my ATI Catalyst.... as before i had seen that nvidia is...
  11. R

    Configuring ATI Catalyst

    Hello i hav a laptop Dell Studio 1558 laptop of configuration 4 GB DDR3 , INTEL core i5 560M , ATI 545v , 500 GB 7200 RPM HD I want to Play counter strike 1.6 on 800 by 600 resolution in widescreen..... but i m not able to configure my ATI Catalyst.... as before i had seen that nvidia is...
  12. ajayashish

    Recommend me a 24" LCD

    Please suggest me a 23-24" monitor which i will attach with my laptop Purpose: 1. Working on Web development 2. Surfing 3. Watching a lot of movies 4. Playing games (i will buy a GPU after 2 months) My laptop has a 256MB Gforce 7800 I am interested in Dell but am fine if u recommend...
  13. hahahari

    Need LCD/LED monitor for 8k

    I have no clue. I need a widescreen monitor for 8k ... which is the best??
  14. A

    Gaming lappy around 45k

    Guys I want to buy a gaming lappy around 45k, plz suggest some good ones preferbly HP, Dell, Lenovo......HP is too damn costly *sniff sniff* found two lappys but dont know the exact price of them ( prices taken from priceindia.in) HP Pavilion DV6-1308TX Laptop Technical Specification...
  15. Arun the Gr8

    Running Normal Res Games in Widescreen Res (OLD DIGIT SOLUTION)

    Hey, can someone tell me how to run a normal resolution game in widescreen resolution. The solution for this was given in some old issue of digit in the tips & tricks section using some software i cannot recall.. So can someone help me out? Admins? Digit Team?
  16. User Name

    TV on Widescreen monitor ?

    Hi I want to know that if Widescreen monitor is used for watching TV, will the picture blur? Widescreen monitor has aspect ratio 16:9 whereas tv broadcast has 4:3. will monitor adjust itself picture quality? is it worth watching tv on Widescreen monitor? finally plz suggest any good and...
  17. sid_sh85


    Hi all....I am into 3d visualization...m currently using a SAMSUNG 17 crt monitor wt an AMD Dual core sys & 2gb ddr2....basically for me, the more viewing area on the screen, the better cuz i wrk on hi-end 3d modelling & lighting in architectural visualizations...now i wanna go 4 a new lcd...
  18. R

    Monitors:Widescreen or Non-widescreen.

    Widescreen or Non-widescreen ? Which one do you prefer ? Which is the better ?
  19. MAK

    Widescreen problem. . .

    My problem is that I have sum videos which are of 4:3 ratio and there is black strip at the top and bottom (I think they were reformatted from 16:9 to 4:3). . So i wish to remove this black strip at the top and bottom so that i these comes fully on my screen coz I have got widescreen monitor. ...
  20. K

    Laptop Help

    Guys!!!!!!! Now that Ive a nice desktop ready its time for a new laptop.....So help required again:D. Main purpose is basic computing( MS Office), surfing internet and watching movies( which is why Im looking at widescreen display). Brands Interested in: Dell HP Lenovo Sony Requirements: Shud...
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