1. A

    Need Wifi for home @ 2-3K (MTNL broadband)

    Hii friends.. I want to install Wifi connection in my home. I have MTNL broadband connection with telephone line. I'm confused over broadband and triband. I am providing link of my Internet Plan = DSL_Unlimited_650_Combo Combo Plans - MTNL Mumbai I'm using Nexus 5 device. And want to use wifi...
  2. RohanM

    Buying advice - wi-fi router

    Hello all, I am using BSNL BB with wired modem since 5 years. Now I wanted my mobiles to get connected to my BB. So which wi-fi router should I get ? With modem or without (as I already having a wired one !1) I am confused. :-? what is the use of wi-fi router without modem ?? Please...
  3. ©mß

    Wi-Fi adapter for Desktop.

    I want a Wi-Fi Adapter for my desktop so that I can use Wi-Fi. I searched and found that wireless adapters are good adapters. Is that so? And I am also thinking of buying this router because I use Mblaze. So in short, I will connect my Mblaze to this router and then use Wi-Fi. My budget...
  4. Professor X

    Best 40-42" 1080p LED TV

    Which one is the best 40-42" LED TV in the market and why? 1. Samsung UA40F5000ARMXL 2. LG 42LN5400 3. Sony KLV-40R452A I don't want 3D or smart TV with apps and Wi-Fi like hype features. It should have the best video as well as audio quality.
  5. Cool Buddy

    Router with USB for ~2k

    I am using Siti broadband connection. It's a cable connection provided using Cat5 cable. I want to buy a router to share this connection with various machines and over wi-fi. And I also want a router with a USB port which supports USB storage so that I can share my external harddisk with my PC...
  6. Cool Buddy

    Transfer over LAN is very slow

    I have a BSNL ITI router+Modem. I have connected my PC and Laptop to this router. Since I was unable to simply share folders over the Network using Windows 7 (I wasted 3-4 hours trying to do this), I had to resort to different methods to share files. Though I was able to share files using...
  7. avinandan012

    Wi-Fi router

    I'm complete noob at this wireless router topic so all suggestions welcome. Budget : 3K-4K Need a wi-fi router. Should have antenaes(optional additional 1 or 2 will be better). Main Usage will be like 1 wired desktop , 1 WiFi laptop & an Android Mobile(sometimes). If anyone can guide me...
  8. kunalht

    want to buy wi-fi router under 2000...

    Please suggest a good wi-fi router under 2000. I want to buy router with two antennas. I am thinking to buy this *www.flipkart.com/tp-link-tl-wr841n-300mbps-wireless-n-router/p/itmd7hn9cw5y3h3k?pid=RTRD7HN3JJYF6WN2 I am using BSNL internet. also tell me can i use two modem in 1...
  9. T

    Can I share a wired connection over a data cable?

    Terms like Wi-Fi, router, hotspot, wireless don't fit into the situation as I have a wired internet connection to my desktop which doesn't have a Wi-Fi Adapter. Is there a way to share this wired internet connection with my android phone through a data cable?
  10. S

    Help please - samsung S Duos problem

    Hi all, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S Duos in March this year. Since last couple of days I noticed that the phone would hang/switch off on its own when in standby mode. I would then have to remove and reinstall battery and then switch on. Thought this to be a virus so carried out a "factory...
  11. N

    BSNL and Dlink Wi-Fi router problem

    I bought a Dlink DIR 600L Wi-Fi router a few days back along with a Dlink 2520U modem. My BSNL internet connection is working fine with the modem, but when using the same settings on the router, I am not able to connect to the internet. I have made all the proper hardware connections and...
  12. Champ

    Suggestions required for a travel zoom

    Hi Guys, Looking to buy a point and shoot with decent zoom and manual controls Plan to use it for next 2-3 years for trip pictures and occasional videos. Just to give context, I already owe a D5100 since 2 years, although photography has taken a real hit in past 1 year due to busy schedule but...
  13. N

    need a new router

    I need a wifi router for my bsnl broadband, i'll be using it with my pc, laptop and cell phone. i'm thinking of buying this router, but let me know if I should get some other D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2 4-Port Wi-Fi Router - D-Link: Flipkart.com
  14. RohanM

    WI-FI router with modem or w/o modem confusion !

    Hello TDF, I am currently using a wired "pronet" ADSL modem for my BSNL BB. What I wanted to know is that I want to set up a WI-FI hotspot in my room so that I can use net on my droid. SO the real question is do I only need a router without modem [as I am already having a wired modem] or do...
  15. TheHumanBot

    Increasing Range Of Wi-Fi & Buying New Router/Device?

    Hello, I am using BSNL Internet on D-Link DSL-2730U Router which is configured to connect on laptop/mac & guest devices like phones ipads etc.. its a 3 floor building and router is placed on 2nd floor inside a room. so when i am on 3rd floor wi-fi signal are very very low or most of the time...
  16. CommanderShawnzer

    Wi-Fi auto Disconnects?

    Ok,well yesterday after playing Dota 2,I alt-tabbed and tried to access a live-blog site for the Xbox reveal The Wi-Fi automatically got disconnected. :| I checked in the "Connect to a Network Tab" and found out that my Wi-Fi router/network does not appear So i restarted my Laptop,and saw...
  17. jackal_79

    Setting Wi-Fi at home to access broadband

    Hi, i have a BSNL broadband at home. Iam using teracom "Type -B2 ADSL 2 + CPE/Router ADSL Basic-2" modem /router currently. This is kept on my upper room.I would like to purchase a Wi-Fi router and access this broadband connection downstairs. Is it possible? If so which is the right VFM Wifi...
  18. $ingh

    Edimax Unveils 300Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Bridge Home Entertainment Solution

    EDIMAX Technology, a leading provider of advanced network communication products, has launched the CV-7428nS Universal Wi-Fi Bridge for Smart TV. Blu-ray and gaming is the latest addition to Edimax's Wi-Fi networking product range, offering Wi-Fi connectivity for any wired Ethernet device at 11n...
  19. S

    Problem regarding Wi-Fi network of my router

    hi I am having a bsnl wi-fi router I was first able to use the wi-fi on each and every device. But from few months I am able to use it on my laptop and my galaxy tab, galaxy fit. No other mobile leaving the two I have cannot connect to the wi-fi I tried many for my friends smartphones from the...
  20. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Wi-Fi Connectivity Reaches Indian Railway

    Railway Ministry starts implementing its 2013 budget promise with the Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Express. After floating the idea of free Wi-Fi on trains at the 2013 Rail budget, Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal seems to have started to make good on his pledge. The internet connectivity for...
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