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BSNL and Dlink Wi-Fi router problem


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I bought a Dlink DIR 600L Wi-Fi router a few days back along with a Dlink 2520U modem.
My BSNL internet connection is working fine with the modem, but when using the same settings on the router, I am not able to connect to the internet. I have made all the proper hardware connections and followed the steps as given in the manual but still the problem persists. Can someone help in configuring the wi-fi router ?


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Why are you doing same settings on WiFi Router?

As you are using different Modem and Router, the settings (Like IP Address) won't be same on both. That's why you are not able to connect to internet.

Just make sure, you disconnect the WiFi Router and use internet with the Modem only.

I guess your Modem is, and your PC would be something 192.168.1.xxx (Probably

Now you may need to disconnect the modem with PC and connect the Router (with the PC, not with Modem) because it'll also have IP of as factory default.

So make it to something else, like

And after that connect the Modem and then Router (with the Modem).

Now go to from the PC and set it's Internet Gateway as

I guess everything should work fine.
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