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  1. M

    Plan for eco friendly wedding and parties?

    Hi. Please anyone let me know how to prepate eco-friendly wedding events and parties?
  2. GhorMaanas

    Gadget as a gift to couple on wedding?!

    hello all, its not everyday that we come across queries like the subject. :) i want to give a unique gift to my cousin on her wedding this weekend, that'd be of USE to the couple, but want to avoid giving the same old stuff like kitchenware, watches, etc. presently am thinking about getting...
  3. krish_techie

    Wedding Photography

    Okay so this might be off topic. But i can't find any other place to post it.Please feel free to divert this to any other relevant place.So we are looking for some wedding photographers for a wedding in August. So do you guys know any photographers in and around Hyderabad,Chennai or Bangalore...
  4. meetdilip

    Wedding card template

    My cousin's marriage is due and I would like to make a e- invitation card for the purpose. Can anyone point me to some source where I can get South Indian type Hindu Wedding card template ? EVen vectors are fine.
  5. srkmish

    What are some of the things that you hate but everyone around you seems to love?

    Mine are 1) I hate discos. The music is too loud to really enjoy a song and its not like i have the luxury of toning down the volume. Also, there are too many people and its impossible to enjoy a conversation. I recently went to this loud music bar and the music was so loud that i requested...
  6. T

    A mysterious wedding gift

    hi,guy,my best sister get married , so i want to buy A mysterious wedding gift for her and her husband, do you have any idea??
  7. TSPatange_1309

    Funny Technical Wedding Invitation

    Hello friends, I got an exciting funny SMS related with software technology. I want to share with you- $$$ INVITATION $$$ _______________________ Dear Mr & Mrs, "C and C++"...
  8. aminsagar123

    Video Gurus. Please Help.

    Hello Friends, I have 4 DVDs of my friend's wedding. The total length of each DVD is no more than 2 hours. I want to shrink videos from all the DVDs on a single DVD so i can play it on DVD player. Quality loss doesn't matter. :confused: I have 6 VCDs of my cousin's wedding, i want to burn them...
  9. A

    Ultimate Wedding Card !!

    Check this great wedding Card !!! Anyone's interested :P
  10. PrinceHeart

    TomKat's fairytale wedding

    In a fairytale setting, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have exchanged wedding vows in a glowing 15th-century castle in a lakeside Italian town. Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=163688 Above link contains other links for images/videos and more.
  11. nikku12982

    Mittal daughter's wedding bill: $60 mn

    Steel tycoon L N Mittal has made it to yet another billionaire club of Forbes business magazine for hosting the most extravagant wedding affair of the century. Mittal outscored billionaires like Donald Trump of US, luxury titan Bernard Arnault of France and Andrei Melnichenko of Russia...
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