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  1. S

    [Want to Buy] Fx 6300 sli mobo 8gb ram or I5 build

    i5 or i7 or amd 6300 and mobo[close this thread] All must in warranty Budget: For amd below 12k For I5 below 18k For I7 below 22k
  2. Jay1234

    warrenty issue plzzzz help

    i bought a laptop lenovo g 580 from nehru place a month ago some hour ago i met my friend and he told me that there has to be a seal behind your laptop's back otherwisw its a breach of warrenty ?? is he true ? cos there is'nt any seal behind my laptop?? so for that matter i checked my...
  3. oroboros

    need a nexus 7

    Going to buy a nexus 7 16gb, with or without gprs , want it at the lowest possibe price, warrenty is not a concern:-?
  4. S

    creative speaker warrenty

    i have creative inspire t3100 2.1 speakers which i bought from theitwares.com on 12th oct 2011. now since 2 days, its sound is too low and also fluctuating. it reaches from lows to highs with a slight creaking sound. sometimes there is no sound at all. yesterday a weird incident took place. the...
  5. A

    portable hdd dropped from hand - not working .. need help. :(

    :( My 1TB Seagate Portable HDD jus sliped from my hand. And now its now working. It seems the Mini usb port on the HDD has become loose. Its not under Warrenty. What can be done??? Help help. Regards, AH
  6. R

    Corsair PSU Warrenty Clam ?? help..

    Hello Friends, how are you... In Corsair booklet it is written that the Warrenty clam should be done within 30 days of purchase... What is warrenty clam?? If there is nothing wrong with my PSU should i have to Clam the Warrenty??? Please help my friends.....
  7. maverick786us

    My Old PC suddenly stopped displaying

    Today when I plugged my old PC its not displaying anything on the screen and continous beep is coming initially. Does it means that the problem is with RAM? Does transcend RAM has 5 yr warrenty??
  8. H

    F.S Dell D510 laptop under warrenty

    Hello Selling my Dell latitude d510, specs are centrino 1.73 ghz, 40gb hdd, 1gb ram, dvd combo, windows xp home, inbuilt wifi, lan, modem, with bag and all driver and operstaing system cd. It still under onsite warrenty 41 days of warrenty remaining. looking for quick sale. expected price...
  9. C

    Buying Sony From the US is warrenty valid in India

    hello friends i am going to buy sony vaio laptop from the US... i wan to know wether the warrenty is applicable in India also.if not then what to do if require repair.. here is the link of laptop i am looking to buy...
  10. A

    1gb ddr + nvidia6200 for 500

    1gb DDR1 400mhz (6mounth warrenty) for Rs500* nvidia 6200le 256mb 8X agp for Rs500* *only for mumbai
  11. Edburg

    Help !! I have bricked my nokia 6233 while updating firmware

    Guys i need your help.... i wanted to update my nokia 6233 firmware but with my crappy computer i delayed and atlast iu cudn't wait any longer..... while it was updatiung the firmware my system crashed and now the mobile is not at all booting...... its inside warrenty and going to go to...
  12. sandy_bhai

    XFX NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256MB DDR AGP for sale

    I have a XFX NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256MB AGP card for sale. Its about 1.5 years old and it still carries warrenty of 1.5 years from Rashi periphirals. Works flawlessly. I have the bill and the warrenty card. Less used. {Delhi buyers preferred}
  13. F

    new pen drive

    want to sell a pen drive (kingston) 1gb rs400 5yrs warrenty
  14. desai_amogh

    6 months old k750i modded to 800i

    im selling my moded k750i . reason: buying SE p1i ready to give the origina firmware if needed.. still in warrenty... its better to have the old irmware as no one understands the modds...
  15. csczero

    Nokia 6030 black

    Nokia 6030....what to say its like new ...excellent condition :) ...one week old...bill box warrenty...2400/-
  16. Stuge

    NVIDIA GeForce 6200 256MB (AGP) XFX card for sale .

    I bought this card three -four months back ,but now I have upgraded my pc .So its of no use to me .I have lost the bill So no warrenty now . Asking for Rs 1000 Model no of the card is PV-T44A-WAMG and it can be seen here ->...
  17. urvish_acharya

    P4 system for sell(Read Specifications)

    processor - P4 1.6 Motherboard - Intel Original 850GB RAM - 256 RDRAM(gives Superb performance) AGP - 64 MB NVidia SoundCard - Creative 80 GB Seagate Harddisk(Recently purchased 5ys warrenty) EthernetCard DVD writer (Lite-on) (Recently Purchased 1yr Warrenty) 1200w...
  18. A

    PS2 for sale

    Only 1 week old ps2 MODDED for sale with 8mb memorycard and 8Game tiltes included six months warrenty Rs.8300/= i Live in trichy (Tamilnadu)
  19. P

    Brand New XFX GeForce 7300GS PCIE

    won this is card in gaming 3 days back,since i already have a 6600Gt this card is of no use to me Features: - PCI Express - Silent Cooling - Has 256MB RAM onboard, Turbocache supports upto 512MB. - Warranty is 3 years Full Warrenty Pics: Location: Bangalore Price: 3,550 + shipping...
  20. go4saket

    Sandisk 128MB SDCard

    Offering : 128 MB SD Card Brand : Scandisk (One of the best) Condition : New Bill : None Taxes : None Warrenty : None Cost : Rs.449/- Shipping : Rs.49/- (If outside Sambalpur, Orissa) Thank you.
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