1. ithehappy

    [Want to Buy] Sony Ericsson W580i

    I am interested if anyone wants to sell his/her SE W580i. With all the original accessories, set should have no problem internally (hardware wise) At a moderate price and inside Kolkata only. Kindly post here or PM me if you're interested to sell...
  2. N


    ok i tried updating my w580i through computer using update service and failed. Now the phone doesnt open, please help. ty
  3. A

    w580i 5 months used for sale

    w580i for sale. features- *intigerated camera 2mp *walkman phone *fitness applications *2 year warranty covering water & physical damage by dealer(free replacement of parts in case of water & physical damage & refund of half the current market value in case of irreparable damage) *mobile tracker...
  4. sridatta

    Is W580i keypad faulty still??

    I am planning to buy Sony Ericsson W580i. Reading the reviews revealed the fact that sony ericsson has shipped it with cracky keys. Some say the problem got fixed in latest releases, some say it is still prevalent.. Also suggest me any other SE model @ 8-9k. Thanks
  5. T

    SE W580i

    I had a look at W580i plz do tell me is it a gud phone???
  6. abhinav_bipnesh

    Idea GPRS setting for Sony W580i

    Hi Guys, Sorry if this not a section to ask this question. I am looking for the GRPS setting for SE W580i for Idea in Pune as what send by CC is not working for me. Thanks in advance.
  7. roni roxy


  8. walkmanguru

    FS: eXtreme modded W580i

    Im in India and I am putting up my W580i for the sale. Put up your offers (swapping phone, nokia etc...) Here is what I have got on my w580i MODIFICATION LIST - 20 Flash Themes - 70 Walkman Skins ( 7 Special Colour, 1 changes colour every second) - 10 Walkman Visulasations (including...
  9. walkmanguru

    WTF lighteffects on my w580i! must see!

    See the wtf lighteffects on my w580i... http://youtube.com/watch?v=GKFw7vMuHDE GKFw7vMuHDE Download at http://www.walkmanguru.com
  10. iMav

    Softwraes for W580i

    hey guys dad just bought mom a sony ericson W580i (Pink) for 9625/- with bill and i love the fone the pink and the pink lights make the fone look stunningly sexy and the sound is amazing too .... now this is my first use of a SE fone so if u guys could point me to some nice softys that i can...
  11. PCWORM

    Should i get the W580i from germany...?

    Hi...im thinking of getting the SE W580i from germany.. is it a better choice?..are there ne other options within the price-range..plz help
  12. H

    W580i, W910i or K770i ?

    which one is overall good for which should one go and why?
  13. abhi.eternal

    Media player for SE W580i

    just received this sms from cousin: Look 4 a media player which plays al type of media files 4 my cel... his phone is SE W580i. pls suggest a freeware.
  14. abhi.eternal

    SE W580i : Need antivirus & Games issue

    A-V: where can i get free anti-virus (good-one) for SE W580i. Games: whenever i am trying to play games, the screen isn't completely covered. I have only seen NFSMW as full-screen. Other games end up tiled, or in the middle-screen (not full-screen) after adjusting screen resolution. pls help as...
  15. dreams

    w580i Tips, Tricks, Upgrades, Mods etc.,

    Hi Guys..As requested by my frnd Infra I am creating this Xclusiv thread only 4 w580i. Pls Pls Pls do not request for any here. Suggestions, Reviews, Tricks, Tips, MODS are only strictly allowed. Sorry other SE users. FIRST - I bought a new w580i after using w300i. - Really...
  16. R

    W580i problem PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    Hi all, Iv flashed my W580i via topsony I used: W580_R6CA001_MAIN_ORANGE_LA_RED52 W580_R6CA001_FS_ORANGE_GEN_RED52 cust pack: HB1-06_Gen_CDA102568_201_R2A_GENERIC_EUROPE_4 The phone works fine just the wallpaper dos'ent move. Any idea what the problem is ??????? Do I need to change my main...
  17. djmykey

    Decent SE model

    Hello All, I have been scouring the internet for quite sometime in search for a good decent phone, to replace my N6600. I came down to w580i, k790i, k810i, w610i and w660i. I liked the w660i because I'm not much into cams and stuff (hardly ever click) and even if I do I have a 2MP cam. Music...
  18. dreams

    Walkman Vs Walkman 2.0

    Hi Guys.. Last wk I changed my mobile frm w300i to w580i. I go for SE for the awesome music quality esp. BASS. Astonishingly I see a major diff b/w w300i and w580i. w580i lacks the BASS. I play 1 song in both mobile and feel the thump in w300i whereas nothing in w580i. Does...
  19. srikanth.9849671439

    can i change my se k550i to w580i

    i want to change my phone to w580. can i change it?
  20. pushkaraj

    Need help with W580i

    I have a sony ericsson w580i. I have the following questions: 1. I have yet not been able to successfully view album art on my cell. Please help. 2. Airtel nop not working on cell in opera mini 4 beta 2. I want to try out beta 1. Searched for it on the net but couldn't find it. Can sum1...
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