1. soyab0007

    How to get more visitors to Blog/website??

    As the title says, How to get more visitors to Blog/website?? need more visitors for my website
  2. G

    To know your facebook visitors

    Is there any way to know who all visited your facebook profile like in Orkut
  3. ritesh.techie

    Top 10 Torrent Sites Of 2010

    Do you use Torrents? Most of us do, and some don’t, file sharing on internet is the biggest gray market which cannot be controlled or monitored every-time and its growing and growing. In past year we saw many big name like demonoid, thepiratebay etc have shut down their trackers because of they...
  4. R

    Need help transferring blog

    I run a Blogger blog, which i am planning to transfer to an external host and use Wordpress instead? How can i route my visitors to a new blog if they are visiting my Blogger blog? Need i do something to my Blogger blog?:confused: Also, what measures do i have to take for transfer?
  5. P

    Review my website..

    Hi.. so finally i made my site... what do guys think??? I need more suggestions to make it more attractive.. also can anyone help me how to gain visitors to my site?? my website: ~snipped~
  6. A

    need an explanation....?

    Some one please explain me what is page view and no of visitors...? and what is page impression and how is it calculated.....?
  7. bhutanesedude

    Guys Help me in this...How many visitors...

    Guys....Please help me in Php to find how many Visitors are online or viewing my website at that particular time using Php code. I would also love to know if I can show the "Most users ever online" and its dates reflected on my website. I am new to the world of websites so I guess you all will...
  8. narangz

    Now see 10 recent profile visitors in Orkut!

    If you're not busy checking scraps, chances are you are checking out who visited your profile lately. After all, aren't you curious who's taking an interest in you, checking out your photos, and keeping up with the things going on in your life? Even if they don't leave you a scrap, you still...
  9. iMav

    Wanna control a dead frog ...

    i just hope meneka gandhi doesnt read this :D this dead frog has a server embedded into its guts. Suspended in a clear glass of inert liquid, the frog has an Ethernet cable coming out of its insides, which in turn allows remote "visitors" to issue commands and make the frog twitch its...
  10. blackpearl

    Help scientists to sort galaxies

    Astronomers are inviting members of the public to help them make major new discoveries by taking part in a census of one million galaxies. Visitors to will get to see stunning images of galaxies, most of which have never been viewed by human eyes before. By sorting...
  11. anandk

    ClustrMaps : Visitors Map/Counter for your Website/Blog.

    Iv put ClustrMaps on my site. Its a neat new concept ! Instead of putting the Visitor/Hit Counters on your website/blogs, you can try this one. Have a look at it on - I displayed it recently on the LHS column bottom side. Here is how its blown image looks in The...
  12. nileshgr

    {Tutorial} Redirect your visitors without using JavaScript!

    There are many webmasters here. Many visitors have old browsers which do NOT support JS. So here is an method which will redirect your website\\\'s visitors without any JS. This uses PHP. Server Requirement: PHP interpreter <?php header(\\\"Location: *\"); ?>...
  13. R

    PHP code Needed!

    Hello people. I need a php code to show the recent visitors of a profile. For example if someone visits a profile of a user it shows last 10 or last 5 visitors of that profile... hope somebody helps. Thanx.
  14. satyamy

    Want to know How many number of visitors on website........?

    I have a small website i want to know how many number of visitors visited my website, but i dont want to add any hit counter It creates problem in the beauty of my website Can i create any Hit Counter which is Invisible or Hidden Pls tell if possible..............
  15. eagle_y2j

    Goin Website starting but confused plz help?

    I m goin to start my new site soon on a free web host nd there i m getting free subdomain but I m confused a little bit plz do lit a lamp for me to get out of tis confusion------ 1. Can i buy a domain name of my own nd use instead of free subdomain name? If yes can i use same domain name if...
  16. C

    Set up redirection

    I had a blog at Blogger.Now i have set up my wordpress blog.How can i redirect all visitors from my Blogger site to my new blog at wordpress.
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