1. ruturaj3

    Dilemma – New PC or Graphic Card?

    Guys my out-dated:-( PC’s configuration is as follows – AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+ Gigabyte M68M S2P 2 GB DDR2 RAM 22” Full HD Monitor 500W VIP Gold PSU Zebronics Peace I mostly play FIFA & PES. Apart from gaming usual surfing. I also had XFX HD4870, few months back which is currently...
  2. Adibaba

    Vip 500w gold help

    Hey guyz i gotta VIP 500w gold smps and Amd x4 955,asus M4A88TD,1tb,1 dvd rw drive. Will my smps suffice Ati 6670. If not which graphic card should i go for.Well would love to play the latest games for the next year or so. All help is much appreciated. thank you
  3. blackhole

    Lux Cojy or VIP

    Hellp friends, please help. I am unable to decide which to choode? I think VIP is better, but my firneds use Lux cosy and advise me to use the same. I am confused.:-( Also suggest some other if find it better than this 2. Also i see mod closing every stupod thred. please dont close this...
  4. M

    Worst VIP PSU :( Suggest me new one please.

    My Config Screen : IBall 18.5 Inch LED Motherboard : Intel DG31PR K/B Mouse : Local Bluetooth KB mouse Ram : 2 GB HDD : Segate 500 GB Processor : Intel Core to Duo PSU : VIP 230W DVD_+ RW : LG Speaker : Creative 2.1 GPU : SPARKLE GeForce 210 , HD & VGA My Current VIP230W PSU...
  5. T

    Update needed ?????

    hi guys comment at my current system config Athlon II X4 640 3.0Ghz Gigabyte M68MT-S2P 2x2 GB Kingston Value Pack 1333 Mhz CL9 Sapphire HD 5670 1GB DDR5 915/1015 (which was at once was stable at 940/1040 the clocks are falling rapidly and i have to lower the clock to stabilize the OC ) 500 GB...
  6. R

    Buying an assembled computer for 30k

    I don't require a monitor, speaker, mouse, keyboard and hard disk as I already have all of it. Budget is 30k as mentioned in the title. I've gone through the rates and all and came up with one which I think might be the best. AMD phenom II X4 925 Biostar TA790GXE 128M 4 GB RAM...
  7. A

    VIP 500 watt Smps

    Hello I want to know the price for VIP 500 watt SMPS . Please tell me the price of smps and tell me if i can go for any other smps . no matter of Budget My specification is Pentium D 805 Intel D102GGC2 Mobo 2X1Gb ram 667 MHZ XFX 8600 GT GDDR3 256MB Card PixelView Pro 3 Card 2 Hard drives Hitachi...
  8. M

    SMPS pure 400watts VIP Rs. 1200 - 2 months

    Hi, I have a VIP pure 400watts smsps, I bought it 2 months back, havent used at all, I bought a 8800gts card, and that needs 400 watts minimum, so I want to upgrade to 600watts power. So I want sell this for 1200rs with warranty or exchange with some product or higher wattage smps. Do get in...
  9. quan chi

    upgraded smps query.please help.

    hi friends. -->well previously i had a 300watt vip smps(18 amp on 12 volt) installed on my system.when a min of 350 watt smps is required by my gpu. therefore yesterday i went to lamington road to get a powersafe silver 400watt psu. surprisingly almost all the shops where ever i asked...
  10. S

    Could not find File and Folder

    Hi, I am facing problem with vip file protector. I am using it to protect file and folder. But due to some reason I have uninstalled vip file protector. after that I have again installed the vip file protector. but previously protected file could not find. It is not showing any file in the...
  11. Revolution

    PSU Help !!!!!

    Hey, Do anyone know the price of Powersafe 400W Silver/Gold and VIP 450W in Kolkata ? And where can I get those PSUs in Kolkata ? Thank you.....
  12. rhitwick

    How is VIP SMPS??

    Hi guys....... Plannin to buy a SMPS..... How is VIP as a choice?? Plannin to buy a 600w one. CoolerMaster is second choice for finance probs.
  13. prashant9918

    my motherboard's and processor's temp is ok ?

    hi guys i am worried about the temparature of my motherboard and processor.after 1 hour of gaming my motherboard's temp touching the 50 C mark and processor touching 53 C mark . is it ok ? if not what should i lookafter. my current configration is as given below. AMD athelon 64*2 , 4200...
  14. A

    Ye Anderr Ki baat Hai

    ppl, we all use Undies ( i guess most of us do) There are so many brands available.. which 1's u r favourite... n why ? options i could think of Jockey :rolleyes: Calvin Klein Bonus Rupa Frontline :| Vip Marks n Spencers .. ?? My favourite is Jockey... its tagline "Next Best thing to...
  15. Jags

    A decent 500w SMPS

    Hi Guys Recommend me a brand for 500w smps which is not too expensive.. I will be running core2duo E6750, 2 ddr2, a good graphics card(which i will buy later), 1 dvdwriter, 2 HDDs, 1 cd-rom Which ones better out of these:- Powersafe VIP Zebroics POV ?? Also if you have...
  16. O

    Powersafe / VIP SMPS

    I want specifications(ratings of amps etc) of VIP / powersafe 500watt SMPS VIP / Powersafe 600watt SMPS i have googled as well as searched digit but in vain i wish to run two 8800 in SLI
  17. thetopcyborg

    AVerage price of a good modded cabinet??

    Hey u all, Im going for an AMD 3000+, 512*2 DDR400 RAM, and a good Geforce 6 Series(hopefully) graphics card... Now, I want to buy a good modded, wonderfully-ventilated with a lotta fans(with LEDs)...preferably from Antec or VIP... Now, I wanna know the average price of this kind of...
  18. Siriusblack

    Gaming Cabinet Poll

    Hey guys i'm distraught a the no of cabinets available in the market for the low value buyer . here r my 4 choices VIP G100 VIP G200 VIP G300 VIP 1122 and Zebronics Xclieo JR. kindly give ur...
  19. Vyasram

    Price of this pc config

    Hi Can you tell me how much would the following config costs AMD Athlon 939pin 3000+ / 3200+ MSI K8N Neo 4 Platinum Hynix 512mb DDR RAM 400 Mhz Samsung / Seagate 160GB SATA HDD VIP 400W SATA Power Supply XFX 6600 256MB Graphics VIP ATX Cabinet Sony DRU 710A DVD Writer...
  20. M

    Urgent Help for New rig

    Guys i need some wise advise here. I put up in Mumbai so please quote the Mumbai prices. Going in for a new rig,have come down to the Amd based rig.The config and the prices that I got are as follows: AMD 3500+ socket 939 Rs. 15000 or The FX range what's the price of the...
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