1. GhorMaanas

    chromecast - n00b requires some quick advice about it

    hello! the youtube app on my tv (panasonic 50vt20) expired a few months back. was looking for an alternative to play youtube vids properly since then. will then chromecast device be good to stream the vids on it? if yes, then shall quickly buy it from snapdeal as a member has got a coupon for...
  2. flyingcow

    Help needed with Youtube

    hey guys i need help with youtube, whenever(recently, maybe 2-3 das) i open my , "My Subscriptions" page, i can only scroll down upto some extent and the load more button is missing...i can only see 25 vids on the screen...and it doesnt even load automatically, ive tried clearing cache etc...
  3. R

    Need suggestions on system configuration

    Planning to buy a new mobo, RAM and processor. Mobo-ASUS M5A88-M Motherboard, RAM-Corsair Vengeance 4 GB RAM (CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9), Processor-AMD PHENOM II X4 970 3.5 BE. Will this combo will be able to run all current games and 1080p vids? Plz suggest. Budget around Rs. 15000/-.
  4. Plasma_Snake

    Need Courseware

    I looked around on NPTEL and MIT OCW but couldn't find decent material(videos to be precise) on the following topics: Software Architectures Advanced Operating System Advanced Compiler Design Pervasive Computing If u know any site from where I can get the vids for these...
  5. V

    Samsung YP-Q1 CB PMP

    Hi,i recently purchased a Samsung YP-Q1 media player and loaded some vids and mp3's to it.It comes with 8gb of space which i filled up with 4-5gb of small vids and say 1gb of mp3.Now it doesnt seem to take videos any more when it still has 3 gb of free space??It converts an avi/wmv to svi format...
  6. Plasma_Snake

    SKOAR vids playback problem

    This time SKOAR gave some COD4,CS and Quake vids in the DVD but they aren't the standard .avi or .flv files but rather .dm2 file in case of COD4. Know how to play them?
  7. Faun

    Free running - Spiderman would be at shame :p

    See what you can do with your body, you dont even need to have special powers and not even that fancy superhero dress :D This is awesome and it hard to find here in India. 10 vids to see it all, now this is on my Bucket list before I die ;)...
  8. amitash

    Ati HD3870x2

    HI im gettin this card and i jus wanna know how good it is...any comments??and is 21000Rs a good price for it??And according to some reviews and vids its better than the 8800 ultra with the new catalyst 8.3 drivers is it true??
  9. digit i am thinking

    Any Free Real Converter?

    Is there any free real converter software available. i googled but all soft r shareware:( i want it converting vids for mobile phone. i want for converting mpeg,avi,DAT,wmv to rmvb.
  10. Z

    youtube videos on mobile

    hey ppl cn i play youtube vids on my n70m?
  11. H

    I buy a cell??? 0.o HELP!!!

    Hey guyzz!! I'm thinking of buying a cellphone but cannot just find the right one! It should be around the 5000 mark... And yeah for the specifications part :- Got a MP3 player so no need for Music phones (although I'll listen to few songs) Good Screen Quality (maybe 256k colour) I'm...
  12. S

    Game vids from director's seat.

    I wanna make some game vids but not from the camera angle that I had used. Wanna make then look like trailers :D so I need a tool so that I can control the camera angle in the replay.
  13. blademast3r

    Video conversion software

    Hi guys i created a few in game vids using fraps saves these vids in .avi un-encoded a.k.a super bulky video format...i tried to conver them to .mpeg usin dr divx,videozilla,and vidomi...dr divx says it has an invalid videon stream...the other two softwares dont start encodin at...
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