1. CATALU/\/A

    Benq RL2455HM 1080p

    Hello All, I was planning to buy Benq RL2455HM 1080p monitor for my gaming PC, as it has 1ms [GTG] Response Time. Its available at 12.7k+5% (VAT). Should I go for it? If not what are my other options...
  2. A

    VAT Rates Charge in Delhi

    helo frnds, pls tell me how many % VAT and taxes charge on computer hardware in nehru place market in Delhi by shopkeepers
  3. N

    Nokia 5800 price dropped

    It seems Nokia has dropped the price of its Nokia 5800. The phone is now available for Rs.16.5k on wavetelmobiles. It is also available for Rs.18k on TheMobileStore even after the VAT hike in Maharashtra.
  4. NucleusKore

    US worker dies in chocolate vat

    Source: * A man has died after falling into a vat of hot chocolate at a factory in the US state of New Jersey. Vincent Smith Jr, 29, was emptying pieces of solid chocolate into the melting vat when he slipped from a platform into the 2.5m (8ft)...
  5. R

    Buying items from stores

    we all know that pc components are sold on intl online stores for almost 1/2 the price we buy it in India. so i was wondering is it possible for me to buy it from them..i mean will i be charged VAT or anything? and will i end up paying the same/more amount we pay in India itself? thank you
  6. V

    Tally 9 Odbc Query

    Dear All, I am using Tally 9 release 2. I have a lot of stock items with each having a particluar ledger for default invoicing. E.g. Sales Vat 12.5% or Sales Vat 4%. The number of items runs into hundreds. Now I tried to import the stock item master details into MS Excel using ODBC to check...
  7. anubisX

    Sapphire Hd 3850 512mb Gddr3 Agp

    Have anyone tried this new HD 3850 AGP? It's the latest 512MB AGP and the best so far according to some of my friends in US. I've heard about the driver issues that are not solved yet. But that depends on the total specs of your PC. It's priced INR 4800 + VAT and is available in Kolkata now from...
  8. Choto Cheeta

    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    This thread is closed. with regards, ico.
  9. K

    512 MB DDR400 RAM for sale

    Hello folks, I just recently (1 week back) bought a 512 MB DDR 400 RAM (3-3-3) to make use of the Dual memory channel capability of my motherboard, but unfortunately it is incompatible with my existing RAM stick so I would like to sell it off asap. I bought it for 2500 + vat = Rs...
  10. K

    which course : Target cyber cafe maintainace

    hi, i got an offer from a cyber cafe [here in dubai ] to look after thier system & solve the daily problems they encounter , but i dont have vast knowlege in computer hardware , vat ever the knowlege i am having rt now is from Digit [since jan 05 ] , Internet [since 98 ], so now i need ur...
  11. boeing_737

    Having a few doubts...

    Hi all, I went on a trip to SP road to get the prices of a few components and this is what i got ( quoting the best prices from different shops..) AMD 64 3000+ S939 -> 6800 MSI-RS480M2-I -> 5000 512 MB PC3200 Transcend -> 2500 XFX Geforce 6600GT PCIe 128MB -> 9500 CD Writer , DVD...
  12. C

    Is there any fLOSS equivalent 2 Tally ?

    Any fLOSS implementation of Tally etc. (with desi VAT support) available yet :?:
  13. K

    How's this config?

    I bit the bullet and ordered my new machine. Here's the spec and price quote. AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (Socket 754)----------INR 7,600 ASUS K8N nForce 250--------------------------INR 5,100 Hynix 1 GB (512x2) 400Mhz DDR-------------INR 5,900 Leadtek Winfast 6600GT 128MB-------------INR...
  14. S

    is VAT = wait @6600gt

    i read in nus paper that vat will decrease tax on computer stuff from 8% to 4% so should i wait for my card or what ??? i was thinking of buying tomorrow and tomorrow is 28th
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