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  1. tamatarpakoda

    [Contest] Challenge #8 = What's your all-time favourite game?

    IMPORTANT: Attach the screenshot and mention your Gamer ID for the entry to be considered valid. Start responding below. Of course, don’t forget to mention your Gamer ID with each post (or your responses won’t be considered valid). How to get your Gamer ID? Click bit.ly/2bv6O52 and register...
  2. tamatarpakoda

    [Contest] Challenge #7 = Who's your favourite game character?

    Ever felt so connected to a game character that you start having dreams with them? Whether you're bopping Koopa Troopas with Mario or taking out some aliens alongside Masterchief, there's a connection. Let us know who your favourite game character of all time is. IMPORTANT: Attach the...
  3. B

    [Query] Buying a graphics card from the US

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a Gigabyte GTX 660 from the US, as it's around 4k cheaper there. Can someone tell me if the warranty will be valid in India as well or will they refuse to RMA it here?
  4. NoasArcAngel

    Cheapest phone price.

    I think, like the hardware section which has a dedicated price thread, we should make one for phones for quick reference. All users are needed to do is to post the price of the phone they come accross and the date and time. Users looking for a new phone can request prices here...
  5. H

    about connecting php and mysql

    can you please help me with connecting mysql with php?the code i used is <?php # Define MySQL Settings define("MYSQL_HOST", "localhost"); define("MYSQL_USER", "root"); define("MYSQL_PASS", "hello"); define("MYSQL_DB", "test"); $conn = mysql_connect("".MYSQL_HOST.""...
  6. S

    need serious opinion

    wasted six years in engineering and now doing bsc it course from niit..i want to know how to shape my carrer and is this degree from niit is valid for the companies??? seriously need guidance totally confused..........
  7. D

    is msc cs through lateral entry valid for foreign jobs

    is msc cs through lateral entry valid for foreign jobs
  8. M

    Get Zone Alarm Pro 2010 For FREE-Yes that's FREE

    Get Zone Alarm Pro 2010 For FREE-Yes that's FREE:Offer Expired Yes you get Full liscenced copy of Zone Alarm Pro Firewall for free worth $39.95(approx Rs 1845.00).It' also Windows 7 Compatible. It's a promotional offer from Zone Alarm for 24 hrs only. You don't need to take part in any...
  9. iinfi

    validity of GRE n IELTS

    can some one plz let me know for how long GRE and IELTS scores are valid?
  10. P

    Rapidshare Account for Rs 150/-

    Hi, I want to clear off my trafficshare. I would like to sell 1Month Rapidshare Accounts for Rs 150/- as there is an offer in Rapidshare for time being. If needed let me know. Details: Rapidshare Premium Account for 1 Month. Valid from: Created on request and hence valid for full 1 month...
  11. M

    H1B not valid, Petition is Valid.

    Hi, Currently I am out of US ( In India). I have H1B Visa which is not valid, issued by my current employer , But I hold valid Petition. Let me know the ways where I got back and work in US with my H1 if can get transfer. thanks Mit
  12. cyborg47

    GTA4 profile download problem.HELP!!!!

    guys help me please..i bought gta4 yesterday, didnt start the single player though, but whenever i try to login into live, even after entering a valid id, it doesnt work, it says cannot download profile...what the hell should i do??
  13. gary4gar

    Catch hot deals at EBay India, while it lasts

    Source In past few days i have brought pen drives,digital cameras,headphones,memory card and even LCDs:lol: :lol: So sharing it with you guys!
  14. stellar

    Adding signature in a profile

    Hi there, I want to add this link in my signature <a href="http://276df439ae15bd8e87e21924c977dd4b.com">a1188d98396709097eba1ae5231413ca</a> But it is not clickable and doesn't show up as a valid link. Plz help.
  15. Arsenal_Gunners

    Team Fortress 2 free for a month

    I have got a guest pass through steam for TF2.It is valid up to 22-9-08.Anyone want it?
  16. neelu09

    Anyone knows Ocaml???

    i need some help with ocaml programm...can anyone help i have to write a programme which will tell whther a date is valid or not i have written let datevalid : int*string -> bool = function (d,m) -> if (d>31 || d<1 ||...
  17. radonryder

    How many of you guys like anime?

    How many of you guys like anime?[This is not an CN/vs/whole of anime disscussion] How many of you guys like anime? If so which shows do you watch.... Im just curious how many people here are into watching anime...
  18. S

    Vodafone tarrifs please

    Do u know prepaid tarrifs for Vodafone services in Orissa circle. It launched here 2-3 days ago. The lifetem sim is avilable for rs 300..valid till 2026 and we have to recharge Rs 180/6months min n have incoming. We can also have topups. So what's normal price n tarrif after Bonus cards. Also...
  19. K

    Phone no. Is not valid in dial up connection

    I m trying to connet a dial up connectiom through my mobile. It is right my phone is detected when i connect it,but when i enter wvdial command at the terminal it shows three errors. 1. The username specified is not valid. 2.the password is not valid 3. The phone number specified is not...
  20. 2kewl

    Giftmate 'Shop-for-Half' offer!

    Another awesome offer from giftmate! Buy a 125/250/500/1000 worth voucher from giftmate and get double the amount deposited in your giftmate account. You can use the money for shopping online among their supported merchants...
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