1. S

    What the helll!

    Guys, pls check this out: http://www.univercell.in/compare1.asp?mno=270&mmno=271 Is it true tat v3i maroon and v3i( any other color ) are different? I think the information given there is wrong. Wat say? -Sai
  2. S

    Motorola SLVR L7 or V3i?

    Hi guys, i want to buy a new mobile in a few days. I want to buy either a motorola SLVR L7 or V3i. Camera is of least priority. Music and watching videos are goin to be the most used features. If i exclude the camera and compare these phones, which one should i go for? Please tell...
  3. A

    Price of MotoRazr V3i and 6630

    Can anyone tell me the bargained price of an MotoRazr V3i and a NOKIA 6630. Can any programs be installed in the MotoRazr V3i. If possible please include the addresses of the sites from where I can download the programs. Can you tell me the price of 1GB of an RSMMC memory card? Can programs for...
  4. rachitboom2

    Which is the best cell ???

    Hi all, Pls. tell me which is the best cell from the above, keeping in mind that size i.e looks does matter a bit to me !!! Here are the links of the spec. of the above mentioned cells => 1. Moto RAZR V3i => http://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_razr_v3i-1352.php 2. Sony Ericsson W550 =>...
  5. rachitboom2

    Cell phone Inder 12K ???Please Help !!!

    Hi all, Well I was planning to buy a new cell and was ready to spent up to 12K for a new one, So here are the ones that are available => 1. Moto RAZR V3i => Rs.10700 2. Nokia 6300 => Rs.11000 3. Sony Ericsson W550i => Rs.10500 Pls. tell me which one should I buy, I have been using...
  6. A

    Moto Razr V3i or V3x

    ppl just wanted to know which culd be a better option in the form all features and option for motorola razr v3i and the Motorola v3x. both have been comapred out here. i feel the v3x rocks and is a better option. any price range ppl in INDIA. i was infact looking for a slim phone, anyother ones...
  7. maheswar2006

    RAZR V3i music player

    Got a new motoRAZR V3i, The mp3 player is fine but when i close the flap, the music stops. Does motorola expect us to open the flap whenever we want to listen to music? Its ok at the house, but when i go out, how can i keep the flap open in my pocket? This is ridiculous. Is there a way out? Am...
  8. K

    Motorazor V3i or SE K750i

    Hi, Which of these will you suggest: Motorazor V3i or SE K750i....?? Thanks Krish
  9. overdose_14

    Which mobiles do you have

    Hey guys Which mobile do you have I got Razr V3i The latest Its awesome
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