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By now we all know about the RAZR V3i and all the style it flaunts. Most of you either own one or for that matter might have even gifted it to a dear one. The phone was already doing so well as regards to style, even then designers DOLCE & GABBANA (DG) have redesigned the RAZR.


Now the bundle may seem simple when you read it, but mind you, when you actually see it, you will be wooed. The box itself was all golden colored and the whole essence of packaging was flashy just like the designers.


mini-USB Cable (No Gold)

64 MB Micro SD

SD Card Adapter

Charger (No Gold)

Manual & CD (Golden Colored)


Gold and More Gold

The RAZR V3i DG was marketed as a razor blade by the designers, like the name of the phone suggests. One of them stood with the phone pointing at the other designer who had a scar across the cheek. Now, this wasn't the best way of advertisement but it did give the release more popularity, now it would appeal to both genders than the ones that just favor gold. The goldness of the phone can't be spoken of and so at the end of the article we will have a separate page full of pictures to relish your eyes with (especially the females.)


Just Gold

The RAZR V3i DG isn't any different from the standard RAZR clamshell; so, we will just run through the details here. It is basically a quad band GSM phone (GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900.) The dimensions of the phone remain as 98 x 53 x 13.9 mm and even though it's got gold-platting all over it, it weighs just 96.7 grams. This version of the RAZR also features an external 96 x 80 mm 65K CSTN screen and an internal display of 176 x 220 262 colors TFT screen display. The phone has a mini-USB port on the left side and the Profile and Volume buttons above it, which is actually attached to the flip. The right side of the phone only has the camera hotkey button. The RAZR DG has the same 1.23 MP camera with 8x zoom placed similarly. The phone comes with an internal memory of 12 MB and has a memory card slot that supports up to 1 GB of micro-SD (TransFlash) memory.


Now the main and actually not a serious difference to be seen in the phone is the DG branded within the phone. There are wall-papers, screensavers, ringtones, and the default start-up and shut-down screens with DG smashed all over. The DG ringtones, I must add were very pleasing to hear.

No Gold

The RAZR V3i DG, being a Motorola, has the same Motorola software which doesn't count as a feature because it is featureless. The phones so far released from the Motorola stable only have style going its way and hope that its software changes with the release of the newly launched KRZR series. The phone has a 1000 entry phonebook and an additional 250 (variable) contacts can be stored on your SIM. The phone records 10 of each of the following; dialed, received, and missed calls.

The camera quality of the 1.23 MP camera is still the same with the images captured being grainy. The night mode of the camera was totally unacceptable. The video quality of the camera was ok but as long as you are in a well-lit area. The camera with its all confusing moto-software makes it even more difficult to handle.


As far as connectivity goes, it still remains the same with the phone supporting Class 10 GPRS and Bluetooth v1.2. The phone connects to the PC via the mini-USB port, which also doubles as a charging port. The phone has an MP3/MPEG4 player and no FM tuner.
The phone has a great battery life; there was no need to charge the phone for 3 days flat with average talktime. The phone has a Li-Ion 710 mAh battery which provides the juices for the phone.



The Motorola RAZR V3i DOLCE & GABBANA sells for around Rs. 21,000 that is 11K over the standard V3i. At this price, you aren't paying for the features of the phone you are actually paying that extra 11K for the DG franchise and all the gold that the phone consumes. The phone has its own set of accessories, which are also all goldy gold, so that they match the phone.

At the end of the day, you are going to stand out of the crowd (and I'm not talking about the crowds in local trains) and many will talk about it as you pass talking over this phone.










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3310 pe artificial gold plating karne se woh 7610 nahin banta
isliye v3(i) gold ho ya diamond wohi rahega
use it and bump ur head against the wall


I think its high time Motorola stops making shiny toys and starts making phones with some real functional value. That way, they'll attract more customers. Also they need to understand that just good looks won't do. Good looks when combined with a great feature set makes a far better device. Also they seem to be cashing in on the RAZR's success a bit too much.


montsa007 said:
3310 pe artificial gold plating karne se woh 7610 nahin banta
isliye v3(i) gold ho ya diamond wohi rahega
use it and bump ur head against the wall

totally agree with you


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guys what do u think abt the new Moto Krazer or what ever it is?
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