Camera for 15K


What's your budget?

Camera type?
DSLR or Point and Shoot

Point and Shoot

Body Style?
Compact or Bridge (bulky)

No preference. But I like bridge more.

How much zoom do you want/expect?
20X optical

Do you care for manual exposure controls?

What will you be shooting with this camera?
Home occasions (wedding, birthday party), travel., Nature, Some night life

Will you be shooting mostly indoors/low light and/or action/sports?
Both indoors and outdoors


Do you have any particular model(s) in your mind?
Not yet. Thought about P530 but it is discontinued.

Any brand preference? Like/dislike
1st preference: Nikon, Cannon, Panasonic
2nd preference: Sony

From where will you be buying?
Online/Local store

Local only

Any other features you need?
Viewfinder, Image stabilization, Continuous drive/burst mode, Wifi, External flash, mic jack, HDMI, Remote, GPS, Articulated screen, Weatherproof, Extra frills like Panorama, HDR etc, battery type...

Image stabilization, no AA/AAA battery, viewfinder
good to have burst mode, GPS, Panorama, HDR

Anything else you would like to tell us?


Aspiring Novelist
P530/600/610 are the only choices provided you can find it in your budget. Else, check out travel zoom cameras like Canon SX7**, Sony WX***, Nikon S9*** series cameras.
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