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  1. kg11sgbg

    Intel Braswell chip for low cost computers.

    This is also going to be a remarkable strategy by Intel in low cost low end devices.Waiting for the Tablets to be based on Intel Braswell chipset.It will be based on 14nm Atom CPU with iris visual technology on the graphics side. Source : Intel Braswell Chip Will Land in Low-Cost PCs...
  2. Nanducob

    Download videos from website

    Hi everyone, I know how to downlaod videos from website except this one.I got a trail off a website for one month which costs $16 which offers me videos and i can see them but cannot download it.The site look like this clicking on any tab(in blue colour)for example introduction gives me...
  3. ax3

    windowblinds 7.2 ! ! !

    i downloaded windowblinds 7.2 from cnet & installed it bt to my shock got an error of "trail expired" ... had used older trail version [7.1] & removed it after its period ... tried all other softwares to remove all keys left behind in registry also bt still no luck ... where are the other files...
  4. NewsBytes

    Computex 2011: Viewsonic ViewPad 10Pro - First Look [Video]

    Intel had announced the Oak Trail platform for tablets in early April. According to Intel, around 35 tablets and hybrids are being worked on using the Oak Trail platform. At Computex 2011, there were quite a few on display. Viewsonic showcased the third tablet in their Viewpad series - the...
  5. NewsBytes

    Intel launches Oak Trail platform for tablets and hybrids

    Intel announced the availability of its Oak Trail Atom platform for tablets, convertible notebooks at its spring Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing yesterday. According to Intel, around 35 tablets and hybrid designs using the Oak Trail processor are being worked upon and will start shipping...
  6. T

    QTP automation tool

    Hi, Is there any trail version available for QTP.
  7. S

    Regarding Abbyy Fine Reader

    Hi I have few scanned pages of a book saved in pdf format. There is a software Abbyy fine reader which converts the pdf to word doc.I have downloaded its trail version.Which expires after the convering 50pages to word form or after 15 days of installation. I can't afford to buy it.Can some...
  8. masterpro

    Can't install VS2008 Pro trail

    when i want to install VS2008pro 90 day trail, it gives error msg "F:\vs_setup.msi could not be opened".why this happens.plz solve this problem.
  9. A

    DAA file extension

    Does anyone know of any freeware to open DAA images. i.e. OTHER than power iso. The 'free TO download' 30-day trail is crippled at around 300 mb. So, it's pretty useless. Well...
  10. Angad singh


    He guys can tell me which antivirus is best to use with windows vista... it has norton already installed but its 90 days trail and beside that its really heavy one can u suggest a god one that is compatable with windows vista
  11. B

    how a trail version software identify the time duration

    Hi, After Installing Trail version application software in a system, how it identify the time duration? second , after exparing the software trail period i will uninstall that software from pc and tray to reinstall it but it can not happen. can you tel me from where it will take information...
  12. A

    How to get rid of registry changes made by a trail software

    Can anyone please suggest me how to get rid of changes made my a software installed by a trail software and later unstalled.Is ther any way to get rid of all the changes from the registry.saikiaanirban@rediffmail.com:lol:
  13. A


    Is it illegal to sell a CD containing free and trail softwares available in the Internet through Internet?
  14. C

    norton 2005

    i have installed the trail version of norton 2005 which i have got through digit DVD. it is a 15 day trail version it is expired when i uninstalled it and reinstalle dit then there is a message that it is expired? what to do?
  15. S

    ok advanced registry work help needed

    well i have heard about it so just as query i am posting i dont know it is legal ? or not if not it can removed but i see lots of similar post here any way we do have lots of trail version well some years back my bro came to my machine he used registy and one 30 days trail version...
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