1. bestpain

    laptop screen totally white

    my acer 5740 laptop screen was cracked ....when i went to replace screen at service centre they told that the video cable is also broken and need to be replaced.....after replacing the screen and the video cable ,and output on the screen is totally white ,nothing else. the service center guy...
  2. thetechfreak

    A Fistful of Gun

    3gSaSomKXXc Buy it here: Save 25% on A Fistful of Gun on Steam
  3. sling-shot

    Reddit India - is there a way to get an explannation for a ban/get it revoked?

    I have had a recent misfortune of getting banned on Reddit. I am new to Reddit and been using for the last few days only. I got one of my posts deleted for being not totally India specific (they will take only India focused posts) but after that suddenly I got a message that I was banned but no...
  4. S

    About Buying 5.1 speaker for pc

    I want to buy a 5.1 speaker for pc. I have choosed some speakers given below. 1.Creative Inspire T6300. 2.Logitech Z506. 3.F&D F6000. 4.F&D F6000U. Now please tell me which one is the best for computer.Which speaker should I buy???Please reply as soon as possible I am totally confused.
  5. abhidev

    The Forest

    The Forest, an upcoming open-world survival game being developed by Endnight Games (née SKS Games) KwImGYR2rwg This game totally looks open world game. Source --> PCGAMER
  6. bad_till_bones

    Camcorder or Digital Camera

    Hi Guys, I want a gadget that has a capability to take HD pics & make HD videos too. Sorry, totally new to this. Please suggest some models. Budget - Max 20k
  7. B

    camera's photos are black

    guys i need some help i have a kodak easyshare c140 its aperture is not opening so the photos are coming totally black plz help
  8. P


    hello, I am buying a latest router. Please tell me what the latest module of router. Which company is providing a low price router in latest version? I am totally confuse which company router be preached. Please reply me with router feature and version. Pankaj
  9. I

    1st SLR?

    sir i own a studio.. now i want 2 buy my 1st dslr for studio photography and also for outdoor purpose like party, maarriage etc.. i have read many articles in the net and i m totally confused which slr should i purchase... my budget is 30k... plz help me.. reply soon..
  10. bad_till_bones

    Getting confused between three LED TV's

    Hi, Yeah I have one thread that is already there.... But thought of opening a new one, as the confusion has totally changed. Confused between these three 32 inches LED's - 1. Samsung UA32EH5000R (Full HD) - It was my first choice. But there panel lottery system is making my mind shaky...
  11. C

    Help: All in one Laser Printer

    Hello Guys, I need your help regarding buying an all in one Laser Printer. For Office use. My budget is 10K. I am totally new to this entity. Help me to find the right one. What are your suggestions?
  12. A

    help choose a mobile please

    hi there.. Im new here.. I hope you guys can advise me.. I have a nokia 5800... ^.^ yess... old mobile...but I could afford it then and has lasted quite well till now... Now i have saved up enough to get another .. Im confused between the Samsung Galaxy SII (totally love it) or the LG...
  13. P

    senneheiser CX 300 II half dead

    guys the left ear bud of my trusty sennheiser CX 300 II just went dead today. i dont know what to do :'( . the right one is working just fine. theres is no sound at all from the left one. i tried to adjust the jack to see if there was a loose connection but nothing. totally silent. anybody know...
  14. G

    samsung wave 525

    i want to knw is anyone knw that bada 2 will availble for wave 525 or not coz bada 1.1 is totally a disaster Please let me knw
  15. bhushan2k

    phone for sis under 7-8k..

    hi guys..want to buy phone for my sis..saw many phones under that budget..i have don't want want to suggest this phone which is totally slow..less ram, less internal memory..and traditional symbian os.. Thinking of Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570..saw the Review..and totally impressed with...
  16. S

    Help with High End Gaming Rig!

    Hello Everyone, First timer on this site, but not new to The Digit Mag. Requesting help with sorting out some doubts over my config List. Here we go - 1. What is the purpose of the computer? A:Hardcore Gaming esp. MMORPG , been with World of Warcraft since last 6yrs, before that was...
  17. V

    acer 4740

  18. a_to_z123

    Super Unusual Broadband Behaviour

    Hi guys, Yesterday night I had one of the strangest incidents in my experience of broadband activity. I'm attaching the screenshot of Bandwidth Monitor which I use to monitor my network activities. I'm totally at a loss to understand what was this! Anyone please explain if...
  19. ayushman9

    Which wireless Internet is good in PUNE ?

    I will soon migrate to pune , unfortunetly taking a broadband connection is not possible there ,so i have to opt for a Wireless internet plan only . Also i will be using internet on laptop only. After considering a lots of plan ,i m totally CONFUSED ,EVDO ,cdma ,wimax ,my god and someboday...
  20. Revolution

    Need Cheap Wireless Net In Kolkata !

    Guys please help me! I need a cheap wireless solution so I can at least surf web pages. I have no wire broadband option left in here. My current Alliance broadband totally fcked up now. Got 20%-30% packets loss. Pages hardly opening after several reloading and forget about DL or UL. And I'm...
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