1. W

    Titan Fall 2 - Will it run on my PC

    Hi Guyz, Need your help in confirming if Titan Fall 2 will run on my PC. Here are my specs. Also what FPS will I get in my current GPU without overheating the system. I seen many people post in youtube that it runs but in can you run it in my PC website confirms it wont run :( Please help...
  2. C

    ASUS GTX980Ti STRIX OC Review : Titan X for cheap

    The GPU market has seen the same transition for the last couple of years like the CPU market. Nvidia and AMD fighting for the graphics supremacy has more often than not been a very even battle, with both companies releasing products steadily at a less than a year cadence to outrun each other...
  3. sam_738844

    3DFX Voodoo Reloaded

    Nvidia impressed the gaming community with the sheer processing horsepower of the full-fat GeForce GTX Titan X released a month ago. Benchmarking about 40 per cent faster than the already-decent GTX 980 and therefore a much better fit for gaming at 4K with all the bells and whistles on, Titan...
  4. Desmond

    NVIDIA announces Titan X, a GPU featuring 12GB framebuffer and 8 billion transistors

    Source: NVIDIA announces Titan X, the new most powerful GPU on the planet | The Verge
  5. pranjal.3029

    Motherboard for 2xTitan Z/2x R9 295X2

    I am planning on putting all my savings in 1 Extreme Rig for my new flat that I am moving into and have decided to go for Titan Z/R9 295X2 as my GPU of choice(Before you start screaming Overkill please do look into Graphics Card section for giving advice there). As per my research Titan Z and R9...
  6. Moy

    Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Z Dual GPU GFX card has just been anounced...

    Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Z Dual GPU GFX card has just been anounced... a 3000$ Card... GeForce Titan Z has 12GB Graphics memory and has Dual GPUs
  7. Y

    guys need your advice on Skullcandy TITAN S2TTDY-016 Chrome

    Guys i am getting 20 days old Skullcandy TITAN S2TTDY-016 Chrome/Black w/Mic 1 Headphone - Buy Online @ Rs.2500/- | Snapdeal at 1.5k(snapdeal price 2.5k) from one of my friend. I heard music with that and its good. So,guys tell me should i get this or is thr any other better earphone within...
  8. ASHISH65

    Graphics Cards Hierarchy Chart & PSU Tables - 2015 Q2

    First credit goes to vishu_ka for his idea of TDF's own GPU Hierarchy Chart Graphics Cards from both the companies have been grouped together with similar overall performance.This Chart shows approximate performance hierarchy of available gpus.The Top tier contains the Highest performing...
  9. vickybat

    Nvidia working on titan LE and Ultra variants.

    Well the rumours about titan LE had been floating around for quite some time now. Its supposed to be a scaled down titan consisting of 2496 shaders, and 5gb gddr5 memory on a 320 bit bus. But what's new now is that nvidia is working on a card higher than titan. :shock: Dubbed as Titan Ultra...
  10. vickybat

    Titan 3-way sli tested & delivers blistering prformance

    That's right guys. Nothing beats a Titan 3 way sli even at the highest resolutions. It simply killed a 7970 ghz edition 3 way crossfire. Crossfire has some serious issues with 3 way config with tons of stuttering problems. Even it got beaten by a 680 3 way sli. There were instances where...
  11. vickybat

    Nvidia GeForce Titan Might Outperform GTX 690

    This thing is just round the corner and if these leaks are true, then get ready to expect the unexpected. Another rumor suggests this card to be called simply "Geforce Titan" instead of Gtx 7xx which sounds intriguing. Its compute ready too owing to GK110. Hope it manages to match GCN in...
  12. J

    Titan Quest on Compaq nx6120

    Can Titan Quest game run on nx6120 at low settings?? and how can i adjust the shared video ramcurrently its 8mb and i want to set it at its max value ie 128mb
  13. g_goyal2000

    Titan Quest v1.30 Trainer needed

    Hi guys. I just installed v1.30 update of Titan Quest. I was wondering, does anyone have a trainer for v1.30 of the game?? I'm getting one at cheathappens.com but it's paid. Come on guys.. Doesn't anyone here have access to this trainer???
  14. Binay 007


    I just installed titan quest demo but while runing it show error-- cannot inntialize graphics engine how i solv the prob. i have inbuilt graphic
  15. g_goyal2000

    Titan Quest 1.15 Trainer

    Hi guys. I just updated my Titan Quest to v1.15. I need a trainer for Titan Quest v1.15. Currently, trainers for versions upto 1.11 are available. Kindly provide me a link to the trainer for v1.15. Please. Thanks.
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