1. sygeek

    How to Boot a Live Linux Image Without Burning it to a CD or Using a USB Stick

    If you want to boot into a live Linux environment but don't have a blank CD or thumb drive handy, you can actually boot right from your hard drive using GRUB and previously mentioned Unetbootin. We usually use Unetbootin to create a bootable thumb drive from a Linux ISO, but it turns out you...
  2. din

    Amitava Busted

    Digit July Edition Page 10 Click the thumbnail below to view it enlarged. Click Here if you can't see the thumb above Hearty Congrats Amitava :) .
  3. S

    biometric attendance soft

    we want paid/free ..biometric thumb software... we have hardware to scan the thumb so we want just a software to record daily attendance.. any such good soft.. any links thanks no such soft there must be some no such soft
  4. A

    4 GB thumb drive. deleted data appears again :(

    hi all bought a 4 GB MP4 player from ebay. main purpose was to hear music and at the same time, to use it as a storage device. i noticed a problem.whenever i try to delete the files inside it . it says "cant delete.... " chk the attached image...
  5. P

    buying USB thumb drive

    I am looking for USB thumb drive.I want to buy transcend . I want to know that all the transcend model present there in the website are available in India or or not ? I want to buy a 4 gb or if available 8 GB usb drive . not looking for external HDD . whats the price of 4 gb or 8 gb ?
  6. S

    USB drive bootable?

    Friends, How to make an USB thumb drive bootable?
  7. q3_abhi

    Make Thumb drive Autorun

    Is it possible to make a thumb drive autorun???? If yes, how????? :?:
  8. T

    Thumb Drive

    Iam going to buy a thumb drive. I want to purchase a 256,512,1GB or 2Gb any one of them.give me the price for each one of them. I live in bangalore. The following brands:- 1.Sandisk. 2.Trascend. 3.kingston. 4.Zion. give me the bangalore price.
  9. D

    USB thumb drive not detecting

    I kept my thumb drive with my mobile phone in my pocket and after that the thumb drive is not seen in my computer. What should I do?
  10. G

    what to buy in Rs. 3000?

    my dad set aside Rs. 3000 for me to buy a dvdrom-cd RW combo but i see that i think i need a usb thumb drive more. my nearby shopkeeper is giving it for 1200 (128 mbs) -sony microvault but onsite prices r gvery high so i was wondering, should i go in for a cdRW + usb thumb drive? or...
  11. J

    Dead usb thumb drive

    My usb thumb drive (unibit 256 MB) with mp3 player and recorder has stopped responding at all after it was once taken out by mistake without SAFELY removing the hardware by disabling it from system tray in windows xp. What is the way I can make it work now?
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