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  1. Flash

    Qualcomm says eight-core processors are 'dumb'

    Eight-core mobile processors are “dumb,” as the consumer wants an experience that comes from more than just throwing cores together, a Qualcomm executive said, referring to new eight-core chips announced recently. “You can’t take eight lawnmower engines, put them together and now claim you...
  2. patkim

    try-outs - dead HDD

    I have a very old (> 10 yrs old) & dead 20 GB HDD that that I am about to throw away now. I however decided to open it and see if I can remove the disks / platters before throwing it away. As I inspect the opened HDD, when connected (using external HDD case) the disk rotates for a few seconds...
  3. A

    What should i do when my hardware is of no use.(e waste mgmt)

    Can any body tell me. What to do with hardware like SMPS,Motherboard,Monitor etc? Rather than throwing them around in city slum, are there better ways to manage them? Plz,suggest me something.
  4. K

    N96 with only 950mAh battery???!!!!

    Very Cheap Business Tactic by Nokia. By releasing N96,a powerful smartphone with so many features & a horrible battery of 950mAh.We need to charge the mobile atleast once in 12 hours.The situation is similar to N95 with poor battery,Later with improved battery of N95-8GB. So,we can expect Nokia...
  5. Cyrus_the_virus

    Nokia grabs control of Symbian - then gives it away for free

    Nokia acquired Symbian and Open Sourced it! Nokia has bought up the bits of Symbian it didn't already own and is chucking the OS into an open-source foundation along with the S60 UI layer, accompanied by Sony Ericsson and DoCoMo, who are throwing in UIQ and MOAP(S) respectively. Symbian has...
  6. RCuber

    Throw tomatos at your friends.

    Hey guys want to throw tomatos at your friend without real tomatos? Check out this... Throwing tomatos at Thinkdigit forum. Throwing tomatos at Microsoft Throwing tomatos at Apple Throwing tomatos at ME :( trick http://www.netdisaster.com/go.php?mode=tomato&url=YOUR FRIENDS...
  7. cyborg47

    POP3 prob HELP!!

    hey everyone, i've got stuck in the arena boss battle, whenever i jump on him the dagger flashes and i attack him, but the next time the dagger doesnt flash at all and that monster is throwing me away, plz help.
  8. morpheusv6

    Waste CD Disposal

    Is there any environmentally safe way to dispose off old damaged CDs and DVDs rather than just throwing them in the garbage?
  9. niranjan_mcarenyold

    mplayer faq

    hi folks, i ma using fedora core. i want to install mplayer with gui. i got those rpms required for mplayer and language packs. but while installing it is throwing some dependancies are missing. can anybody tell me what are the dependencies for mplayer and where can i find those...
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