1. C

    windows 8.1 update 1

    As a result of clean install of ubuntu I lost my windows 8.1 (updated to update 1). But now after using the recovery disc to install windows, I am not windows 8.1 update 1. Is thr any way to update to it as the deadline has crossed:-(:-(
  2. I

    buying pc components from abroad

    Hi guys, I m planning to buy a power supply and hard disc from bangkok.. My question is that is it safe to buy from thr? are they gona be exactly same as we get it in india? what abt warranty? plszz help..thanks.
  3. william

    i3 vs i3

    ok so finally sandy bridge notebooks are out., but i have doubt with the intel i3 notbeooks (sandy bridge.) what do think which one is better.. i3 2310M(2.1Ghz) or i3 380M (2.53Ghz) i knwo thr former one is sandy bridge, but how much do think it will make the difference to performance when...
  4. I

    for how much i can keep my pc on?

    guys i have got an unlimited net. so for downloading i need to keep my pc on for long time? so is thr any harm in doing so?what is the limit to keep my pc on in a stretch? are thr any precautions i need to take?
  5. pritish_kul2


    Hey. My cousins going to USA....and the obvious question what to bring frm thr? an iphone? can it be unlocked here? anyone owning an unlocked iphone?/ anything else available in us thts nt thr in india.? o.O thnks
  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    What happend to Digit IRC?

    I cudn't connect to Digit IRC 4m yesterday. Is thr ny prblm with IRC?? Or is thr ny prblm in my machine. I'm using opera to connect to IRC. It was working f9 day b4 yesterday. But 4m yesterday dunno y I cudn't connect to IRC. :-(
  7. krishnandu.sarkar

    Help with DVD Writer

    I think my LG DVD Writer got screwed up. Its 3yrs old. The prblm I'm facing 4m 2day is I can't burn any CD/DVD. When I'm trying the Copy DVD option it makes the images smoothly but when starts writing it stops and 1% and gives diff types of error messages each time. Like sumtimes the...
  8. krishnandu.sarkar

    Is sumthing wrong with my proccy?

    In CPU Usage History graph in performance tab in taskmanager, it shows graph in only one core. And thr is very low graph in the other core. Like I've monitored and uploaded some images here.....plz take a luk... *
  9. dare_devil

    missing a part of rar!!!!!

    hello friends i have downloaded some thing which is in 18 part of rar, now last one is missing, is thr any method i cant extract it, without last part? plz reply
  10. K

    System Problem - Please help

    Hi all, I am new guy here. My system is not starting up, when i press the power button. (I have connected the cable and the power switch is on). Will thr be any problem with the SMPS. I checked the power is coming from the UPS. so, i concluded that thr is no problem with the UPS. My System...
  11. PunjabiPRO


    Do u guys know if thr r any TEKKEN tournaments held in india???
  12. D

    pls help me..!

    i want 2 be game lukin fr gud insitis..... bt i ve came 2 know tht thr r nt gud instis in india tht make u train for gud 3d game prog... i want to be core programmer...lyk game engine development..etc... anybody pls tellme r thr gud instis india...thnpls give me details...
  13. H

    virus infection:: ,.exe

    Here is history of the prob::: i had put Pendrive in frnd's pc and had 2 eject without safely removing bcoz f sum prob..nw i came home and saw a virus.. thr were 2 files in root of PD.:: ",.exe" , "autorun.inf".. and 2 instances of ",.exe" were thr in the task manager.. when i closed...
  14. speedyguy

    Broadband Querry: Urgent

    this may be discussed but m not finding my answer.... i need an internet connection in my hostel in bangalore.... my budget is arnd 500/mnth unlimited wit some extra installation watever... checkd out reliance, airtel, bsnl, tata indi....wont suit me.... plus my problem is i cant get...
  15. S

    Dual Channel Memory Fundae

    i ws a bit confused about the dual channel memory concept. i wanted 2 know will thr b ne diff in using a 2x512mb 533MHz ram n a 1GB 1066 Mhz ram. here they differ only in thr bus speed. first 1 is in dual channel mode whereas the other is in single channel mode. isnt the bandwidth same in both cases
  16. iMav

    cell cam as web cam

    well thr hav been quite a few appz tht do this but i really liked this 1 ....i came across it tried it and found it to be not so bad ... *
  17. S

    ram n mobo working query

    if sum1 gives me a ram and a mobo bought in us, will it work in india. i hv heard that the power supply thr is 110v/60hz unlike here which is 220/50hz. will this cause ne problem.
  18. A

    HELP::: :::::: Win XP Pro SP2

    hi thr i got a MS Win XP SP2 CD ---original.......... plz tell me is thr ne kinda limit on the no. of computers on which i install this OS and activate it??? plz reply....
  19. vinit suri

    stamping a video...

    guys can sum1 tell me how 2 put a stamp on a ive seen loads of videos whr thr is a small logo sort of thing at the bottom of the video....n it stays thr through even moves a little bit sumtime.....can sum1 tell me how 2 do it?? plzzzzzzzzzz:(:(:D:D
  20. maskorama

    SE W610i "SUPER-STUD" Or "SUPER-DUD"!!!!

    :pWazup guys!!nebody out thr bought SE w610i:rolleyes:....da phn luks gr8...but dsnt seem very practical.....shippin wid a price tag of 14,300(Gaffar market ,new delhi)(((W 810i for 12,800 btw:cool:!!!!!!!!!!))) da a2dp support wid bluetooth makes da package real sweet:D....who wudnt want a...
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