1. Gigacore

    Please review my new web template.

    Hi guys! I created a new web template. Please have a look at it and gimme ur feedbacks. I'm glad coz its W3C-Compliant and Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional! and Valid CSS The Old Farm Click here for preview
  2. Ecko

    Best Blogger Template Editor/Coustomizer

    Question title speaks itself :D
  3. Gigacore

    Suggest a name to my new Web Template

    Hi guys! I created a new Web Template, but don't know what to name it. Its current name is "Black Pebble". I think it wont sound that good. Please have a look here: http://webtemplates.themebin.com/ And suggest me.
  4. Faun

    Need some good template for website

    I hav bought a domain and hosting from Ravi, Now am in search of good templates to start with. Please guys help me choosing one :D How about wordpress templates, can i choose one of'em ? And I do like to have wordpress widget support. Thanking you all PS: any template like last.fm will...
  5. naveen_reloaded

    Blogspot Query

    i have a blog in blogspot and want to know few things.. 1.) i wantto edit eh template so that below my header image is a ad... 2.)presently i use "Snapshot Sable" theme.. but there is currently a blank left side space on the left hand side... i want o put up some more widgets over the...
  6. amanjagga

    urgent help needed!

    Hi guys:cool: I have 1 template that is without xml file and i want to make this template compatible with CMS( zoomla):confused: If any one can help me in this matter PLz! guys plz! guys help me!:)
  7. I

    error in my c++ program

    Hello I need a help in c++ program, There is an error and I couldn't solve it. this is the program #include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; void showMenu(); /////////////////////The Struct Car///////////////////// struct Car { int model; long plate; string brand; long...
  8. arnab2kool

    Looking for a tutorial of Joomla that can teach me to make a template.

    Looking for a tutorial that can teach me how to make a Joomla template. Can anybody help me in this regard? I am familiar with Joomla but not with template making. I want to make my own template for Joomla. Waiting for help. Thank you.
  9. piyushp_20

    website templates ??

    hey guys i am designing a personal website so require a web template prefreably flash template so kindly suggest good sites from where i can download them. ONLY THE FREE ONES.
  10. naveen_reloaded

    __Few Questions__

    hi all guys just have few question here Q 1.) Tell me a/few site to download trailer or teasers for "MOVIES"....remember i am not asking for the movie download site..only the trailer or teaser download site. Q 2.) Does The template use in office 2007 can be used in prev office version...
  11. Ankur Mittal

    Windows Live.com Happy Valentine’s Day Template

    Happy Valentines, This may be a little early but the valentines day is fast approaching,so why not apply this Happy Valentine’s Day Template to your Windows Live.com Homepage
  12. C

    Selling Template

    Hey guys. I m selling this template for 10$. I made it in photoshop. I have this template in .psd format. Not coded coz me noob at coding.You will have full resell rights.:) Feel free to ask if any questions. http://www.imagesshared.com//out.php/i375_domain2.JPG
  13. %systemroot%

    Photoshop Patshala

    Paranoid create fantasy text http://share.studio.adobe.com/fsroot/48056/11819/paranoid.atn Sand Text by FabioMancha This action makes a text simulating the letters written in sand. Maybe a beach, maybe a desert ... the result is very nice...
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