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  1. M

    dr dre beats oem's

    hello i wish to buy dr dre beats oem's given the price of original is quite high from here Monster OEM Solo HD Headphone (w/o MIC) - ShoppingOutlet 1.plz tel me how is the sound quality of these oem's. 2.also what is a AAA replica??
  2. W

    1.5 TB hard disk

    hi every one , i want to buy a 1.5 TB harddisk.. can some one tel me wat is the actual price for it ?? and wil it be available for 4 to 5 grand ??
  3. NoasArcAngel

    RAIL Tel coming to delhi.

    While reading todays Times Of India , where the news of anonymous taking down MTNL is printed, on the corner is the tender of RAIL Tel to set up office in delhi. According to my source it will be entering delhi soon :) :)
  4. R

    AMD mobo 6k

    Im going to lamington road today, so cam u please tel me any good AMD mobos under or around 6k?
  5. I

    bsnl 750 ul quries

    Hi guys, I have got bsnl 750 ul. I sometimes play ol games. Whenever i use garena i am not able able to find any servers. I tried for dota and also cs. My friends are able to see the servers and they give me ip and i am able to connect the server. So can any one plsz tel whether its my...
  6. Tech$oft

    Need a graphic card!!!

    I need a graphic card nvdia or ati , have a samsung 22 t2233sw, i have a budget till 8 k nt more than tht!!! tel me till hw much resolution cn i go upto. Thanks!!!
  7. M

    want to shrink folder to half.

    recently i have seen vedios with my friends,which re shrinked to half its size.the vedio real size is 1.5gb,but they have it as 800mb.does can any one tel how to do it?
  8. C


    os used by the mobiles???????? hi can anyone tel me d os used by nokia,sony eric,motorola......
  9. New

    Help to set up Mobile Office

    Hi digitians.. Please tell me the procedure to use internet on my pc by using 3110 classic phone as a modem(i have air tel connection).. Please give me step by step procedure..
  10. JohnephSi


    I ve a nokia 5200 .Whenever i play a video file sounds play faster than the video.Sound firdt and usually follow by the video.Plz tel me how can i solve.I need to no it quickly.
  11. A

    N-Gage For Sale

    Nokia N-Gage for sale. Rs 3500/- Hyderabad Buyerz PLEASE... Tel # 9985124661
  12. Angad singh


    hey guys i am using BSNl broadband and have D-Link modem but now i want to shift to wireless connection in my hme so can u guys tel me which router wud be the best one for home purpose..........
  13. P

    Serial Port Communication

    i need to make a communication with serial port using power builder. please tel me the solutions for above problem.
  14. B

    how many files in a folder

    hi, would you pls tel me how many files can be stored in a folder??? ---------------------------------------------------
  15. M

    phone no..

    Hello. can anyone tel where this no is.. (+)4411420156XX XX r numbers( 0-9)
  16. abhi.eternal

    How do I show a website preview?

    i have seen on many sites that when you hover your mouse over a link, a temporary pop-up preview of the linked sites opens. can anyone tel me how to do this? also if i CAN do this i'd like the pop-up to have the design i choose (matching my site's theme). __________ can ANYONE answer this?
  17. sarath_ck

    problem wit desktop

    hi guys..... i jus formatted ma system n reinstalled win xp pro sp2 pack.... wel d problem is now i can't use d right click feature on my desktop.... i mean its available everywer else except in desktop..... please help.... and oh ya, kindly tel me hw to disable "its safe to turn off ur...
  18. virus_killer

    how to delete an orkut account ?? help..!!

    hi techies, want to delete my orkut account, can u tel me how do i do it ?? help..!!!
  19. virus_killer

    yahoo msnger prob,,,plz help !!!!

    hi guys, my prob is am not able to send private msg to any other users, ya i can view their msgs, can u tel me whts the prob is ??? plz hellp.......connection property is set to " No Proxies"..........help !!!
  20. R

    Help DVD Writer Error!

    I have a Asus DVD writer. When i try to burn a 400 MB folder to a Samsung pleomax 10X CD-RW Disc, it gave me error. I am attaching the error log, please can someone tel me whats wrong, thanx! p.s.-it reads cds and dvds well but didnt write :(
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