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  1. N

    Indian eSports Championship strengthens the gaming eco-system

    Essense Transmedia Pvt Ltd. and Neon Gaming have come together to bring you the Indian eSports Championship. Cafe Warz is a 48-day long city-based competition is designed for amateurs and professionals gamers along with the Gaming Cafe owners comprising of 64 teams in the playoff league. In its...
  2. Cyberghost

    Fifa 16

    INTRODUCING WOMEN IN FIFA 16: Play as Women's National Teams for the first time in the FIFA franchise. Choose from 12 teams and compete* in Match Day, an Offline Tournament, and Online Friendly Matches. Available teams: Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia...
  3. R

    Dota2 Teams scrim?

    HI I have a clan and we are looking for scrim/practice teams. Will mostly play at night 10pm-1am (Most Weekends) If you have a clan and are looking for decent team practice please leave your steam id below thanks!
  4. S

    Participate in Developer Premier League

    What is DPL, Developer Premier League? Developer Premier League 2013 is a novel contest that tests your knowledge, skills and business acumen. It is an opportunity for you and your team members to demonstrate your expertise in enterprise project planning, development and decision making...
  5. S

    DotA players

    Hey there guys. I have checked out this subforum but I don't find anyone who plays DotA. It's an excellent strategic game and there are a LOT of players in India itself and tournaments are regularly organized.This game is present in 90% of the game cafes in India.Just check out this...
  6. gaurav_indian

    Indian Cricket Team's New Jersey for ODI's

    Indian Cricket Team's New Jersey for ODI's
  7. S

    IPL Vs ICL

    I prefer IPL and I guess most would prefer the same. I got irritated with ICL bcoz of Lahore badshah team. Its a complete pakistan team while other teams are not as such. How ICL can allow a international team to play a domestic cricket? :mad:
  8. Pat

    Android app store winners announced

    The final phase of Android Developer Challenge I is now complete. Out of 50 teams of finalists, 10 teams received a $275,000 award each and 10 teams received a $100,000 award each. All of the teams' hard work during the past several months is apparent in the final 50 entries. The teams have each...
  9. Third Eye

    Need for Speed: Undercover Coming

    EA's seminal racing franchise gets yet another new name, and likely a change in focus. June 18, 2008 - To no one's surprise, EA is set to release the next installment in the Need for Speed franchise later this year in the form of Need for Speed: Undercover. In an interview with...
  10. Zangetsu

    The IPL King Is???

    The IPL is getting hot hot hotter...with 4 teams 4 semis:p predict who will win what do u think guys:D
  11. confused

    Unofficial IPL Poll: Whom Are You Supporting?

    I know that there is an "Official IPL" thread running. But the objective of this thread is to measure which team(s) have the highest following among thinkdigit users......... so post ur replies.........
  12. Cyrus_the_virus

    26 March 2008: The world's first Document Freedom Day

    I know it's 27th, but what the hell? 26 March 2008: The world's first Document Freedom Day Today is Document Freedom Day: Roughly 200 teams from more than 60 countries worldwide are organising local activities to raise awareness for Document Freedom and Open Standards. To support the...
  13. R

    A Cricket Mmog Launched

    Agneya Infotech claims to have developed the world's first cricket Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). The site, www.cricketparty.com, combines social networking with gaming. Despite being in the beta version, the MMOG platform has a minimum of 1500 teams playing the game at any given...
  14. S

    Fifa 2006 problem

    I have a problem in playing FIFA 2006.And infact i had the same problem in the demo version also. 1.The whole menu,moves on its own.So it is very tough for me to select any option. 2.The same problem is with selecting the teams also.Infact,the opponent is switching teams and not selecting...
  15. nix

    how to buy new teams in fifa 2005?

    hey i ve heard i can change teams while in career mode.i'am in career mode and have won the MLS cup semi finals. but i 'am still stuck with the team i chose when i started the career. i've been to options--transfer market but i can only buy other players from there and not change teams.. how do...
  16. S

    Cricket 2004 from keyboard

    HI...can any body help? I am not able to play cricket 2004 through keyboard...two teams start playing automatically...i m not able to control..
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