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  1. quicky008

    problem with ASUS motherboard-help needed URGENT

    Today i bought a new system with the following configuration: core i5 3450 asus p-8 b75-V motherboard corsair vengeance ram 4gb*2 Corsair carbide 400r Corsair VX 450 Geforce gts 450 gpu It was working just fine initially but it turned off abruptly all of a sudden because there was a loose...
  2. Sujeet

    Hitman 5: Absolution

    Gear Up People.Its time get your hands dirty again With Agent 47. Its Better And Bloodier than ever! New Instinct System To Track Enemies. Modified(Too much!)Cover Sytem...Superb Stealth AS ever. Visuals Seems Shiny in Gameplay Videos. Slow-motion tag-target Shooting System. Classic Disguise...
  3. B

    Video to audio convertor??

    I have a video clip.I would like to convert it into an audio clip.Its an AVI file.Duration roughly 4 mins.Would appreciate if anyone can suggest a good video to audio convertor.I tried using A ONE but my sytem crashes .Any other software that can be used.Thanks in advance.
  4. R

    broaband bandwidth tool

    this is my first thread as thinkdigit member,I have using brioadband quick usage finder tool but I don't know whether it is risky for my password and username or no since the dataone website is showing sytem error on their website it is hard to find the safe way please tell me what's the...
  5. R

    sytem hangs everytime

    my sytem hangs after sometime,say within 20 minutes after logon. this problem starts since last week. i haven't changed any hardware.... i installed nvidia ntune last week and now it has been uninstalled. i did a tuning with ntune but it didn't alter any system settings. because it says that...
  6. S

    Screen goes poof!!

    Sometimes After i quit games like ICYTOWER or VIRTUAL VILLAGERS then my computer screen goes blank. Only the cursor is visible. i cannot access the sytem and am forced to start a reboot. Can anyone help?????
  7. mihirvashist

    fedora core 5 64-bit edition for non-64-bit machine

    hello everybody just one simple question can i run fedora core 64-bit on my AMD duron 1.6 ghz processor with 192 mb of sytem ram and 64 mb of graphic memory(total=256,onboard graphic card shares it)will it be stable
  8. V

    Domain Changing

    HI all, can i change my domain in the computer through which i log in , i also have a Admin access . say i want to shift from one domain to other in a sytem . HOw to do it ...does anyone know ???about it
  9. P

    networking two windows xp home computers

    hi all i have two windows xp home edition systems , connceted them to as lan , gave ip address n subnet for main system and and subnet for the other sytem . now the problem is that other system with ip can see main...
  10. S

    Which is better, AMD Athlon or sempron?

    Friends, I want to buy a sytem in my hostel. We are planned to buy AMD athlon xp , which i has been using for 3 years. Now I heard about sempron processor which has better performance and lower price. Is sempron is good in graphics applications( animation...)? We wil use the sytem for...
  11. lahratla

    System Mechanic and Its Outcome

    I have a PC running in WinXP. The left pane of my SEARCH window is gone and there are no items on the right pane of gpedit.msc as well. The other day I ran the Registry Fixing tool of Sytem Mechanic 4 Professional after backing up first the registries. But recovering the back-up registries did...
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