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  1. ramakanta

    Indian Rupee Symbol !!!

    I have MS Office 2007 in my pc. i can't add indian rupee symbol, when i want to writing something in ms office word and excel . please help me how to add rupee symbol in word and excel . Also my friend have a new Dell laptop having a shortcut Rupee symbol in the keyboard's one of the key...
  2. S

    Symbol table using C++

    hey guys... can anyone give me a program to implement symbol table for an assembly language using c++???
  3. theserpent

    Witcher 2 Not launching

    After updating my witcher 2 to the latest patch 2.1,It after launchings it just stuck it that circle symbol :cry:??How do i play it now??Yes,it is orignal
  4. S

    windows 7 is only starting in safe mode,but no longer in normal mode

    my windows 7 pc is no more working in normal mode, it can only accessible in safe mode, system restore point is also not working, and after i entered into start up screen, the internet connectivity symbol is continuously displaying the connecting (green round circle ) symbol..and even computer...
  5. mohityadavx

    Replace ALL

    I am using windows 7 and MS Office 2007. Now i converted a pdf file with ABBYY FINE READER 10 and it is replacing some of the mathematical symbol with that of pound and some with strange pic. I replaced all the pound symbol with required symbol. Is there any way to replace all the pic symbol...
  6. A_n_k_i_t

    Use Indian rupee symbol in your MS word

    Now use India Rupee symbol in your MS word. Foradian Technologies gives you the font to use the new Indian rupee symbol. 1.download the attachment and copy the font in c:\windows\fonts. 2.open MS word and start using the font. 3.use the key which is just below the ESC button...
  7. pauldmps

    Indian Rupee gets a symbol

    source: Rupee gets a symbol, may take2 years for widespread use - Hindustan Times India finally got a symbol for the Rupee on Thursday, denoting the strength of its economy, and joined a select club of countries whose currencies have a unique identity. The cabinet approved the symbol - an...
  8. Dreamer

    Competition for design of the ‘Symbol for Indian Rupee’

    COMPETITION FOR DESIGN Government of India Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs New Delhi...
  9. F

    Govt to hold competition for Re symbol ( Winner will get 2.5 Lakhs )

    The Indian rupee could soon get a unique symbol, with the finance ministry holding a public competition for a design, just like the US dollar ($), the euro (€), the Japanese yen (¥) or the pound sterling (£). Symbol for Indian Rupees: ȼ? While it was not immediately clear what prompted...
  10. cyber

    windows seven problem

    i hav installed windows seven.in notepad(or anywhere else)when i press shift+3 i am not able to get the the hash symbol insted i am getting £ symbol.similar problem for shift+2.why????????????
  11. D

    help !!! i press @ but keyboard types "

    when i use the shift key to type in the symbols..my keyboard doesnt type the corresponding symbol..for eg if i type @ it is written as "..how do i fix it?
  12. iMav

    Pidgin 2.3 vs Gutsy

    it works no more :D and im not the only 1 having problems ;) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=624551&page=2 and no solution found yet .... the problem - update and when u try to run nothing happens so when u run it thru terminal this is what i get: pidgin: symbol lookup error: pidgin...
  13. M

    cannot connect to P.C.......

    hi frnz....... need ur help...... im havin Nokia 3230 which im not able to connect to PC via Cable.......... it doesnt even shows the symbol of connection on d mobile screen...........!!!!!!!!!! wats the prob................?????????
  14. A

    International Symbol for Marriage

    Came across this while surfing...
  15. P

    Problem with my Leadtek 6200 AGP

    I purchased a Leadtek GeForce 6200 in AGP yesterday. What I'm experiencing is when I switch on my computer, I get a symbol like monitor connecter with question mark next to it. It moves on screen for a while (5-6 secs) then leadtek BIOS in colour comes and then normal booting screens with my...
  16. mohit

    NFS MW Help (urgent)

    I just started playing NFS-MW today on my pc and have some doubts .. I am uploading a pic and seeing that please clarify the following : 1. What is the green bar on the top centre of the screen meant for ?? sometimes it displays an arrow and stuff but i cant understand what is it meant...
  17. dhawald

    keyboard typing wrong things

    I recently formatted my computer installing win2k,xp(sp2) I have microsoft mutimedia keyoard in xp my keyoard types # instead of \ and shows the "pound" symbol when i type # also while setting up my network settings while giving workgroup name as madhav it gives an error "workgroup...
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