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  1. L

    solar charger

    I need a solar charger for an iPhone 6 plus that can power it directly from the sun with no battery.Does anypne recomend one?
  2. manistar

    How to unlock AV port in SUN HD Coship DTH

    HI I got Sun HD+ Coship DTH. I tried connecting my speaker to DTH (Right/Left audio port) and found that no audio output was sent. Can anyone guide me in enabling audio out from DTH. They have procedure for samsung STB but not for coship. Thanks
  3. socrates

    Nokia 800 Sun coming up on Wednesday, will there be more?

    Nokia 800 Sun coming up on Wednesday, will there be more? - GSMArena.com news
  4. lywyre

    Suggest me a good DTH

    Our cable operators has gone crazy and is giving a mad mix of useless channels (thanks to TN CM and Arasu TV). My parents want Sun and Vijay TV for the daily soaps and I want my assorted channels. I don't need HD, standard will do. List of channels: Tamil SunTV, Kalaignar TV, Vijay TV...
  5. S

    Sun Direct HD or Airtel HD?

    Hi everyone, first of all is it worth to take an HD Set top box at this time as only few channels are availbale? I was going thorugh websites of tata sky, dish tv, sun, Big TV and airtel. Tata sky does not provide HD services at present in my place, Kerala. Dish TV provides HD only if we...
  6. esumitkumar

    Somebody trying to hack my gmail account

    Hi all I have been receiving several gmail account recovery assistance mails on my other account and recovery SMS on my cell over a few months This happens on a gap of every 15-20 days frequently Some of my old friend is trying to reset my gmail accnt password thereby gaining access to...
  7. Siddharthtech

    Virtual woes!

    Hey can I use internet connection while using ubuntu 10.04 in Sun virtualbox? Please explain it!
  8. Baker

    indias first HD broadcast starts by sun DTH

    here we go the HD era begins in india , http://www.sundirect.in/HD/index.php eventhough starter is SUN ,tata and airtel already planned their HD broadcast by this year
  9. amitabhishek

    WTF news: Is Michael Jackson haunting Neverland?

    This is the nth time press has claimed seeing the ghost of a dead celeb. Source
  10. mahesh

    Is it wise to upgrade my pc now ?

    My current pc config is in my siggy. i have a budget of max 15k. What the components i need to upgrade? i use this pc for gaming as well as for downloading (min 12 hrs in mon - fri and 24 hrs in sat & sun). I usually play fifa 2009, COD 4 , Burn Out Paradise. Plz suggest me the components. Or...
  11. Disc_Junkie

    Program that will let you know your Sun Sign!

    /** * People can know their sun sign and lucky number, colour etc from this program.. * * Disc_Junkie * 1.0 */ import java.io.*; public class Astro { public static void display()throws IOException { InputStreamReader ireader = new InputStreamReader(System.in)...
  12. S

    Oracle to buy Sun Microsystems

    Oracle Corp plans to enter the computer hardware market by buying Sun Microsystems Inc for more than $7 billion, swooping in after Sun's talks with IBM fell apart. The announcement on Monday surprised many Oracle watchers, who believed the company can boost profitability at Sun's software...
  13. A

    Sun reveals that yelling at disk drives causes high latency

    It isn't everyday that someone posts up a YouTube video demonstrating the effects of human vocal vibrations on disk drives. Nevertheless, an engineer from the Sun Microsystems Fishworks lab proceeded to yell and scream at his high volume JBOD disk array and has given the rest of the world one...
  14. T

    Sun Direct launches DTH services in Delhi/NCR

    New Delhi: Sun Direct Pvt Ltd, the country's leading direct-to-home (DTH) service provider, Wednesday launched its services in Delhi and the national capital region (NCR) as part of its pan India launch. The company with 1.5 million subscribers targets to reach 3-million subscriber base by...
  15. gary4gar

    Get Free Sun OpenSolaris CD

    Dig - Get Free Sun OpenSolaris CD
  16. kirangp

    Sun for sale? Dropping profits, stock price fuel speculation

    Dropping profits and stock prices have analysts speculating that Sun could be a target for either acquisition or a restructuring in which the company would sell off parts of the business and focus on a smaller set of technologies. "In 12 months, Sun will not be the same company it is now,"...
  17. A

    The 21st century solar eclipse in China

    A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so that the Sun is wholly or partially obscured. This can only happen during a new moon, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction as seen from the Earth. At least two and up to five solar eclipses occur each year on Earth...
  18. ankushkool

    Prob in downloading

    i am downloading tmnationsforever_setup.exe from www.internode.net using FLASHGET. it is 58% compleated... but now its givin this error, although my net is workin fine :( Sun May 04 17:41:08 2008 Host: files1.games.internode.on.net Sun May 04 17:41:08 2008 Accept: */* Sun May 04 17:41:08 2008...
  19. CadCrazy

    Ubuntu 8, Fedora 9 package OpenJDK

    Sun says the open source version of its Java development kit has been picked up by two popular Linux distros. Canonical's Ubuntu 8.04 LTS distribution and Red Hat's forthcoming Fedora 9 both include OpenJDK, with the latter also to offer NetBeans 6.0, Sun's open source IDE (integrated...
  20. subratabera

    Our planet & Sun in Size Perspective

    Interesting read... http://www.kiroastro.com/writings/perspective
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