1. B

    Drivers needed

    Hello Friends, My friend just formatted his laptop and installed Win 7 Ultimate. He does not have any driver cd so screen resolution is weird, wifi doesn't work etc. Is there any way/software that can automatically download and install the needed drivers? Don't have time to download...
  2. doomgiver

    Printing solution : print+scan

    I need a printer for light usage (about ~20-30 pages a week, but usage is erratic, and i need instant prints, else i'd just have gone to the "bhaiyya"), and a scanner for rare useage (like a few times a month). what do you guys suggest? i've heard that inkjets plain suck, and its better to go...
  3. doomgiver

    [poll] does my sig suck?

    is it really that bad? or just fine? <---- refer to this
  4. azzu

    Concept Camera Tells You How Much You Suck At Taking Pictures

    Concept Camera Tells You How Much You Suck At Taking Pictures Just because you have a snazzy DSLR doesn't mean you're the next Ansel Adams. This concept camera will give you an "aesthetic rating" after you snap a shot that will kill (or I guess, also make) your amateur photographer ego...
  5. toad_frog09

    Whats better???

    Onboard ati 4200 (integrated with asus evo board) or xfx nvidia 8400 gt? I kno, i kno both kinda suck. I mean suck a huge lot, but hey, 5770's comming in a month or two!
  6. R2K

    IT Job sucks or not?

    is it true that IT jobs suck? what is ur opinion My cousin has recently graduated from the university [ CSE) lots job offers from many IT companies but now he is refusing to join them ..... the reason according to him is that he came to know from somewhere that IT jobs just...
  7. Log_net2

    I need to change my AV because of this

    Its kinda suck.
  8. H

    The Greatest Video Game Endings of all times

    Comme le titre l'indique, pour voir par vous-même [..tried my hand at french..i suck at it :D.] Go to article>> (videos available)
  9. aryayush

    New PC. Rs. 35,000. Any suggestions?

    Hello! :) My uncle needs a new computer so I recommended all the basics like a C2D processor, 1GB of RAM, etc. but I need to give the whole spec list in detail now so I need your guys help (because I suck at this hardware matching stuff). So, what is the idea configuration I should opt for...
  10. K

    best free voice mixing software

    hey all,my sister has this new passion of singing,and now she wants to add music and effects to her voice,which software can i use for this? What do proffesionals use,cause some bands,like jal suck in live performances but they sound pretty good on cd,so how can i do that?
  11. K

    Cooling Solutions & Cabinets

    Ok Ppl This is one topic I have to discuss What r the cheap solutions available ? Assume I have a AMD 3200+ and a big cabinet ( place to hang to extra fans ) Those Rs. 100 fans which just have a powersupply.. Do they help ?? Is putting 2 of them intelligence ?? one to suck in air and...
  12. S

    intel extreme 2

    Hi guys, i have a P4 2.4Ghz with HT n 512MB DDR with 865GBF Motherboard. Onboard is the 82865 graphics controller (Inte Extreme 2). games like NFS underground really suck on this system. can anyone suggest remedy. cant afford a new gfx card right now. pls help.
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