D-Link Internal modem users

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I tried about 6 linux distributions But only 2 (Xandros and ELxLinux) are configured my modem and Now i can use internet

Have anyone successfully install D-Link internal modem in other OSs (Fedora,MAndrake....)and using. Plz post replies


First find the chipset used by your internal modem (check manual or just query model name on the internet). It is most probably a conexant chipset, if so, get its driver from www.linuxant.com , it isnt very good but it can be made to work ... you will need you kernel sources installed btw.


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Talking about those "other" distros, I found out that, the newer Compaq machines which come with Linux preinstalled, have complete version drivers of internal modems bundled.This distribution in particular was Turbo Linux 9 something. I am yet to convert the rpm file of the drivers into deb and try it out on Debian.
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