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  1. vis

    Reddit users?

    Hey reddit users post your favorite subs :mrgreen::razz:
  2. pratik385

    Need a freeware to match Subs for videos of any format!

    Hi guys, Many of my friends always complain that subs are not matching with movies and I synced it properly by using SubtitleWorkshop. But the problem is SubtitleWorkshop only support .avi or simple format not compressed format like .mp4 or .mkv files. So, please suggest few good freeware which...
  3. T

    Advise on building 2.0 + subwoofer system

    Advise on combining 2.0 and subwoofer Hello Guys, I was considering good 2.1 system at around 10-12k budget, but sadly there are not many available with good quality. I ordered Edifier s530, but they said that now its not available. I cant see any reliable and good 2.1 system now. I was...
  4. akash22

    hindi subtitles

    guys i wanted to ask you something! Is there any software to make hindi subtitles for hollywood movies or any specific site from where i can dwnload thm? i have tried out subtitle workshop and virtual subs sync bt thy were nt that useful. cud u guys help me out?:-P
  5. L

    vlc player and subtitles

    hi, in vlc media player, i just learnt how to ply the subtitles a few weeks back with a post here.. and now i hav another problem. while playing with subtitles , the titles are on the movie itself.. i mean they rnt placed a little down in the "black area" lik in a 70 mm movie.. cud we lower...
  6. L

    subtitles stitching with movie?? how to?

    hi, i have subtitles for movies separately in a .srt or .sub format and use the vobsub plugin to play in any of the media players. but i need to get the subs in my DVD/CD player. how can i import the subtitles directly to the movie itself so that there is no need for the subs file any more...
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