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  1. A

    Maths vs. Biology - What's the issue?

    I thought it would be an interesting debate to start in an education forum such as this one. Often we see people saying you take either PCM or PCB but there are rarely any people pursuing Medicine or Engineering who have had both (unless you are talking about lower-demand branches). Even in...
  2. K

    in plant training program for engineering students

    hi, i am student of MIT college,can any one organize in plant training for engineering students...
  3. G

    IIT-M may soon impose stricter disciplinary measures on students

    Thats very sick :| The Hindu : Cities / Chennai : IIT-M may enforce more norms
  4. phantomfreak

    gaming job

    does ne gaming company(ubisoft,EA etc) provide interns fr students ?? :huh?:
  5. theserpent

    Car symbol robbers in my city

    In Mangalore students are flicking car logos of luxury cars like BMW, Volkswagen Car logo theft on the rise - The Times of India
  6. Vyom

    Aap ki App : Datawind's initiative to built apps for Aakash Tablet

    Source: Datawind - Aapki App
  7. V


    hello...frnz i had chosen cse wen i entered bits n now 1st yr is over and college allowz us to stil change the branch.so i was thnking if i shud change to eee i require urgent advice on this.plz help me choose ma branch cse : 1.i m jus ok in programming 2i got average marks in programmming...
  8. G

    IITs have lost old sheen, says Narayana Murthy

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/education/IITs-have-lost-old-sheen-says-Narayana-Murthy/articleshow/9289947.cms I think yes .... because of the robotic coaching centres
  9. Garbage

    10000 things all ICS students should do before graduating

    Source - 10000 things all ICS students should do before graduating | Tagide
  10. buddyram

    Take a bow; Jay!

    A techie from IBM turns as philanthropist to teach the students who score below par percentage! Shame on the education system which prefers only merit students. Take a bow, Jayprakash! Story in detail
  11. T

    News: Three dead in Lovely Professional Loonyversity

    3 Students dead: A brawl between a group of students during an official University football league Semifinal left 3 students critically injured. One of these students has been confirmed dead and thereare reports that the remaining two also succumbed to their injuries. The brawl broke out when...
  12. anurag100

    If someone knows about this here???

    I'm a student of diploma in computer engineering aka polytechnic now starting off for 3rd year .....I am interested in giving JEE but not sure if poly students are allowed to give it or not ..please tell me if somebody knows
  13. I

    International School of Telecom Technology and Management

    ISTTM(International school of Telecom Technology & Management), located in between the multinational companies in Hitec City, Hyderabad is the World's first Telecom Business oriented MBA B-School. A group of IIM Calcutta & XLRI alumni along with the Top Executives of Telecom industry found...
  14. D

    Debunking the Bunking

    Source :- http://infunity.info/component/content/article/24-debunking-the-bunking.html In recent news, the Allahabad HC said that students shouldn’t be allowed inside malls, restaurants, etc.. During the college and school hours to prevent class miss and bunking and he feared that it can...
  15. D

    System analysis and design

    System analysis and design Homework management system A lot of students still seem to have problems with planning their homework. You have been awarded a project to propose a solution to these problems. This project targets the students already studying at the university who have problems...
  16. celldweller1591

    Canonical to roll out independent Ubuntu Certified Prof. certification for Ubuntu

    Canonical to roll out independent Ubuntu Certified Professional certification for Ubuntu New Long Term Support release gets 100% Ubuntu-focused training and exam from project sponsor London, 22 April 2010: Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, today announced that it will provide its own...
  17. S

    restrictions in fedora11.....

    hi frens.. i need some help regarding providing restrictions in fedora 11. we have installed fedora 11 in our net lab in ma colg. now i need to restrict all the students of downloading. coz students keep on downloading stuff like songs movies etc. is there any way out that i can restrict "em...
  18. MetalheadGautham

    Happy Engineers Day!

    There are a lot of us here who are either engineers or engineering students. Today is our day. HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY TO ALL ENGINEERS AT TDF.
  19. Indyan

    Communal Riots in Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology

    Read More http://smitblog.frihost.org/the-evil-that-men-do/2009/09 http://www.pallab.net/2009/09/08/sikkim-manipal-institute-of-technology-hell-breaks-loose/
  20. ╬Switch╬

    Suggest me a name for our Students Association

    Hi guys, we are about to form our students association for our Electronics and Telecommunication dept. and need to find a cool name for it. Can someone suggest a cool name? Or maybe any you might have heard of in other colleges? Thanks in advance.
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