1. mitraark

    TP-Link WR720RN vs WR740RN

    150Mbps Wireless N Router TL-WR720N - Welcome to TP-LINK vs 150Mbps Wireless N Router TL-WR740N - Welcome to TP-LINK WR720RN is priced at Rs 631 on Amazon compared to Rs 864 for the WR740RN How much will the external antennae matter ? Looking for a simple WiFi router for general...
  2. S

    30k Netbook required ASAP

    HI guys I need a netbook around 30k for my mother for her office works,main importance should be given to the portability factor and build quality 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 30,000INR 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Netbook; 11" - 10” screen or...
  3. F

    Concerned about signal strength

    I recently purchased this: * as i migrated from mtnl too airtel with a 4Mbps plan (i exceeded my download limit so the speed is 0.59Mbps, if that matters) and installed inSSIDer Home on my laptop to check for a weak...
  4. kg11sgbg

    [Query]: The hierarchy of ARM Cortex-A* series processors

    Friends, just want to know which is the latest or the powerful among these ARM Cortex-A* series of processors. Cortex-A15,Cortex-A12,Cortex-A11,Cortex-A9,Cortex-A8,Cortex-A7,Cortex-A5 I browsed through Wikipedia and some other sites,but it looks confusing. Since in one place it is ARM9...
  5. swiftshashi

    Looking to Upgrade my DV6 6121tx.........Need a few suggestions

    It has been almost 2 years since I purchased this dv6 and it has been a trouble free experience so far. However I would like to spruce a few things up. 1.WireLess LAN module-I've seen cheaper G6's having full strength of WiFi while my dv6 barely manages 2 bars.So I would like to go in for a...
  6. D

    signal strength issue

    recently i purchased tp-link router & was getting proper internet access all over the house.since few days i m not able to connect to internet or the modem itself form the adjacent room where i get strength of 3/5 whereas in the corner most part of my home i get strength of 1or2/5 but get...
  7. A

    How to improve pings

    Dear friends i have Airtel 3G modem up to 7.2 Mbps, model- E1731 In my modem i have full signal strength then also my pings don't go less then 400 what should i do to improve it.
  8. A

    Bluetooth Dongle advice

    I need a good Bluetooth Dongle for my Pc. Please suggest one having powerful signal strength as i used to own one (cost 140 I sold it as it had weak signal barely 8 meter class 2 i suppose) but i need one within Rs.300 if a good company and much better strength (I read it can go upto 100m if its...
  9. S

    Need advice in buying Data Card.

    Hi, Currently I am in chennai.I want Data card for accessing the net.I want to know which provide better service and also good signal strength in Chennai.. I am thinking of buying Tata Photon + or Reliance Netconnect Data Card ..:-)
  10. dare_devil

    Basic mobile with high signal reception strength under 5k

    I need a basic phone with high signal reception strength as network strength is low at my place. Good keypad is must. Not going to use for other than calling and recieving calls.
  11. K

    Help - wifi signal strength

    Hi people !!, I am having an unsecured network in my building but the signal is very very weak,is there any possibility to increase the Wifi signal strength so that I can browse the internet. Awaiting your response. Thanks in Advance -keves-
  12. Krazzy Warrior

    [DF] Clan Thread -- Urban Terror

    DF's clan is a clan started by all of our friends for those pro-gamers who just rocks in Urban Terror [UrT].. The Digit Forum UrT Club, [DF] We have decided to start our own players club, so that we can identify our own forum members. We usually add a [DF] to our name. 01. M3ta|ph03n1X, AKA...
  13. Sathish

    Readers Digest...

    Hi... Please post your profession here.. this is my one of the old dream to know who are most forum users... this may also help to digit to maintain mag strength..
  14. Faun

    The lost art of Push-Up

    I found it quite interesting, indeed if some of u don't get time to go for gym or don't like to go to gym then try this handy art, nothings better than havin your strength intact till the late 60s of ur life. No need to hav equipment and yet a comprehensive workout.:)...
  15. P

    gothic III

    Can anyone tell me how to increase the STRENGTH of hero in Gothic III game.Cause though the EXPERIENCE is gaining( lebel increasing), the strength remains at 101
  16. Third Eye

    > Japanese build power armor exoskeleton., Its real, watch the video.

    A working exoskeleton that allows a person to lift up to 10 times their strength. *
  17. C

    Low voice signal strength in 6681

    Last week i got a nokia 6681. I heard some real media and mp3 songs after transferring them on to the phone. I felt that the sound quality was ok, but i when i compared the volume of songs with my friend who has a 6600 i felt that 6681 is weaker in signal strength that compared to 6600.Although...
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