Which earphones should I go for?

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Hey people...
I wanna buy earphones for my Transcend T.sonic 840 using a 3.5 mm jack...
My budget is around 300... Bascially it should keep out the traffic noise nd keep the music in... loudness should be good.... What stats shud i look for....


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sorry to say
you can't buy good earphones at that budget......you can good ear pons above 500 .....

Iam having sony E300F series walkman and iam now using duplicate of sony ericsson head phones .... It cost me around 200 ... It is some wat ok....

need more info.....
Yeah...300 is too less for ur demands.
However If u cant raise ur Budget then go for Philips SHE2550.
Or else one damn gud Earphone is there for 549rs. Altec Lansing inEar CHP121.
I am using it with my Nokia 5700 and Blive me, even in noisy traffic, I do not get to hear anything other than music


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dude its real hard getting a pair of good headphones in this budget, but for sure u can rely upon Sony-MDR-110LP. these come for Rs.350
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