1. @

    Whats the antenna spec of Asus RT N14U

    I googled, but no help. All I could find was it has two internal antennas, but no info about how much dBi it is. Even here know the antenna spec?
  2. B

    Its all a Number game (Rant on Tech specs)

    Im Frustrated, and the new Launches are taking it higher. The Companies are just playing numbers. They offer MORE megapixels, Core, Nodes, GB/MB, Memory, GHZ, and so on. In Numbers that is. I am perplexed how the Tech today has gone from bad to worse. Tech and Machinery was invented to make...
  3. rahulonmars

    Problem with SPEC OPS - THE LINE

    Hi, Yesterday i started playing SPEC OPS - THE LINE. The mouse is seem to be lagging behind. Tried everything fixing it with increasing the mouse speed or lowering the graphics quality but nothing helps. My Configuration - Dell Inspiron 15R with 2nd gen i5 and 1GB nvidia 550M.
  4. A

    which is the best tablet.....

    I have a budget of 6k to 8k. I have searched a lot but am confused. I want the best spec and performance in this budget. pls assist the ultimate model in this range.
  5. A

    Graphics Card at around 7.5K

    Hi, I want to play current PC games at 1366x768 resolution with full/medium graphics settings. Please suggest me a good graphics card at around 7.5K. Below are my current system spec: SMPS: FSP Saga 600W Processor: i3-2100 Motherboard: Intel DH67VR
  6. S

    Used PS2 worth buying now?

    a guy offered me a used PS2 with 2 original controllers, memory card and 20 top games, its 1 year old and he is asking for 3k, is it worth buying at this price? i have a low spec PC and never ever owned a console, and i am not a heavy gamer at all, i just need to time pass with it :razz:
  7. Alok

    Spec Ops The Line

    This gripping military shooter was entirely missing from our radar.....i guess none noticed . But it looks to be a great adventure. It is being published by 2k games and developer is Yager Development. The game is 9th title in long running Spec Ops series , though i didn't played any of...
  8. S

    Any Hyd-based dealer on this forum to help with a quotation for a mid-range gaming PC(5 no.s)?

    I am looking to buy a mid-range gaming PC and have settled on a spec - am flexible with other components, but would not want to change the motherboard, graphics card and processor optons (spec below). Any price quotations/estimates or suggestions?? Intel i5 Core 2500k ASUS P8Z68-V-LE...
  9. V

    Need help in building pc

    As usual its a gaming pc been searching for almost 2 months now cant get it to complete Need z68 motherboard for i5 2500k price range for board is rs 13000 this pc is most for gaming,movies & downloding will be on most of the time s will be clocking in future. My pc spec:- i5 2500k...
  10. khmadhu

    require Laptop for 50k with custom spec..

    Hi My friend is looking for laptop with below custom spec: preferred brand: Dell, Acer,ASUS,HP Budget 50k purpose: CAD/CAM (mechanical design), and general purpose 14'' HD LED Sceeen 4 GB Ram DDR3 1333mhz 2nd gen i5 processor 3 MB cache memory >320GB HDD, 7200 RPM Graphics card: good one...
  11. G

    Netbook or Laptop under 23000

    Hey guyz, I want to purchase a netbook or laptap under 23,000. Spec and features are expected to be the best i can get for that price is the only requirement
  12. M

    Dell XPS m1730

    Hello guys i am selling of my Dell xps 1730 . Its in good working condition and sports good spec. I am expecting at least 65,000. I can negotiate few thousand. It comes with 6 months accidental coverage. Purchased on 2008. I will post if you need the internal spec on...
  13. B

    need URGENT help...!!! system unstable...!!!

    hello, my names bonny. need urgent help as the new PC spec. i got is really unstable. My Hardware spec is:- 1. Processor - Core i7 950 [3.06 GHz] 2. Motherboard - ASUS Sabertooth x58 3. Ram - Corsair XMS3 (1600MHz) 4GB[(2 x 2GB module) (800MHz per module)] 1.65V 4. Power Unit -...
  14. S

    Motherboard for AMD 64bit 3200+ Processor (Socket 754)

    I am having a compaq PC which is bought in 2006.. The following is the link for the spec Compaq Presario SR1512IL Desktop PC Product Specifications Compaq Presario SR1512IL Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (India - English) I have upgrade the ram to 1GB and also i have added 160GB sata to...
  15. khmadhu

    best brand for corei5 laptops

    my friend is going to buy a new laptop,he wants core i5 only. budget is 40K+2k (tolerable). usually for virtual applications like vmware,and browsing,watching movies(HD)..should have good speed for other applications like video converters also. fixed spec: 14 ' screen.(not above this). 4 GB...
  16. prankie

    Upgrade within 10k?

    Hi, The Title says all. I already have decent SMPS+cabinet, monitor, speakers.. I need to upgrade the rest. I'm currently using sempron 2500+, I won't be gaming much. I just need a decent spec within 10k, soon, as I'll be buyin the system within 2-3days. Plz suggest?
  17. nihu

    windows 7 ready htpc

    how to build windows 7 ready htpc hi, I want to build pc in next 10 days.My requirement is as under: 1. It should support HDDVD,BLURAY format display & encoding. 2.should support vista aero theme. 3.DDR3 4.Intel platform 5.motherboard of any make that can take care of my 1 & 2 requirement...
  18. U

    Best cheapets PC

    Hi lads I have a budget of 1500 EUR. Where can I buy a top spec machine for these money?
  19. vijayb

    MSI G31M3-F Motherboard - Only NCR

    MSI G31M3-F Motherboard Hi, Product: Motherboard Socket 775, Supports Quad core also. Brand: MSI Model: G31M3-F Date of Purchase: October 2008 Condition: Box, Original Bill, All Cables (not opened yet) everything came with motherboard. This board doesn't have FireWire. Some specs: - Intel®...
  20. M

    Graphic Card Suggestion

    I m planing to buy a graphic card around 10k range... i prefer nvidia graphics propably a 8800 ... m confused as to which brand to go and the exact graphic spec ... HELP!!!!!
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