IPS Monitor Suggestion

Hey, I need a good monitor within 20,000 INR.

Confused between 27 and 24 inch. PPI for 27 inch seems to an issue. These the choices :

1. LG 27MP77HM - 27 inch - With Speaker - 20k
2. LG 24MP77HM - 24 inch - With Speaker - 14k
3. AOC I2769VM - 27 inch - With Speaker - 16k
4. Dell 2414H - 24 inch - W/O Speaker - 20k
5. Dell S2415H - 24 inch - With Speaker - 13k (Glossy)

So 2 things :

1. 27 inch or 24 inch.
2. Why is 2414H that expensive compared to other. (I don't need rotating and height adjusting features. Primary use is for PS4)


24 is best suited for gaming....27" for movies.
21" if you're low on budget or desk space.

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Yeah VA panel FTW cause its between IPS and TN panel in terms of specs as no ghosting with better viewing angles than TN. Btw I am looking for 1440p monitor with 144Hz refresh rate....do you know where can i buy it?


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Well I didn't asked to be around 20k and is theitdepot is truth worthy? Have you bought anything from this site before?
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