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  1. ramaswamy ganapathy

    Realtek inbuilt HD ALC887 vs Asus Xonar DGX PCIe

    Guys i think its not always about having the best headphones, ive seen a lot of pro's buy sound card for gaming purposes, i was thinking this could be one of the solutions, as i feel my onboard is shit, ive used the same headphone on a different system which sounded much better. IVE GOT A...
  2. S

    Asus Xonar DG for 5.1 speakers

    I have bought F&D f700UF for my PC (It is ok for me , as no other 5.1 speakers - under 10K have delivery in my area). My sound card audio is - VIA its drivers are not working in Windows 10 64 sound is there , but in audio settings only 2 channel / 4 channel options are there. MB supports 5.1...
  3. RCuber

    Headset/Headphone for 5K

    I need a head phone or Headset for Gaming/Movies. Please recommend one for ~5-6K. Analog interface is needed and not USB, as I have a ASUS Xonar ST soundcard. My choices are Corsair 1400 or Audio Technica ATH-M30x Flipkart only, as I have a voucher for 5K.
  4. H

    Gaming headset

    I need to buy a gaming headset within a budget of max 3500. Now, I've shortlisted 2 of them, namely Razer Electra and the Steelseries siberia full size headset, and i can't decide which one of them to buy. Went through some reviews and i found equally good and bad views about both of them in...
  5. tkin

    Steelseries Siberia Soundcard

    Mods close this.
  6. V

    Help Me...!!! Asus M2N-MX...ASAP

    i HAVE THE aSUS M2N-MX MOTHERBOARD..!! tHE internal soundcard of the motherboard stopped working due to some problem..So i had purchase a separate soundcard..!! the soundcard worked fine in windows xp..!! But today i installed windows 7..and it is not giving any options to to install the drivers...
  7. desai_amogh

    cheapest 5.1 soundcard for a laptop

    Hi Guys, My cousin recently got a Creative T6100 5.1 channel speaker. It connects with the laptop only in 2.1 Mode other speakers are just useless with the laptop. Is there a cheap 5.1 ch soundcard for laptops or a any other way to convert the normal stereo output of the laptop into 5.1...
  8. S

    My soundcard does not take input well.

    Hello, I am new here. So not familiar with the rules of posting threads. Anyways... I am not able to input audible sound from microphone in my computer with Realtek HD soundcard. The drivers are up to date. Please please please help.
  9. aniket.cain

    Need 5.1 Speakers for 10-12k

    Hi guys. I am thinking of getting a 5.1 set of speakers, and an external (USB) soundcard. Please suggest me the best set in this range. Also, since there are not many options for the soundcard, I have decided upon the Creative Soundblaster X Fi 5.1. If there is any better USB soundcard in...
  10. tkin

    Need for USB soundcard!!

    Ok, guys, I had just identified that the front sound jacks of my cabby is short circuiting the mobo(doing it for quite some time) and causing the audio jack plugged in message coming up frequently without any audio jacks being connected, also removing the jack did away with the delay between...
  11. V

    Intex Soundcard

    I bought an intex sound card ESS ES1938 chipset and the box says that the soundcard is 4channel and even the store guy said its a 4channel soundcard. But the thing is, I am unable to find an option to enable the 4channel mode. Now in the Realtek ob-board sound that my other PC, there's the sound...
  12. nvrmndryo

    Suggest soundcard for my new Logitech z-5500 !

    hi all ,, i just bought the logitech z-5500 5.1 speakers ,,& i m not happy with my onboard sound quality (even my ob soundcard is 5.1/7.1 dolby capable). I want good soundcard with all digital (coaxial,optical) ports to hear hd sound ,, But I m tight on budget (Spend 16,500/-on these speakers...
  13. Adhip007

    Suggest good Soundcard at 4-5K budget

    Please suggest a good sound card (5.1) at range of around 4-5K budget. Also will it help in great performance gain in games?? Also suggest a good headphones to work with the soundcard. I have creative inspire 4.1 speaker set (4yrs old), will upgrade to 5.1 speakers soon. EDIT:sorry I have...
  14. jit_devil2

    best pci soundcard around rs 4000

    hey can any1 guide me as whts da best pci soundcard around rs 4k...................i was thinkin of buying the asus xonar dx but..........its pcie i guess and as my mobo has only 1 pcie slot i m saving dat fr a gfx card which i wil buy later on..
  15. S

    Creative Audigy 5.1 Sound Card

    Hi i'm trying to sell my creative audigy 5.1 soundcard bought 2 months ago, i am going to buy 7.1 speaker and soundcard so trying to sell it. No shipping price for kolkata. Price : Rs.1000
  16. R

    Plz Help In SoundCard ......

    I'm Going To Buy A Creative Inspire T6100 5.1......And I Have Intel(r) 82801 AA AC'97 Audio Controller.........And Dont Know Bout The Soundcard On My PC.....Plz Help ........Shud I Buy 5.1 And will it work on my pc.....yes or no and if no then wat shud i do to use the 5.1 on my pc...........my...
  17. surinder

    Suggest soundcard for my LOGITECH Z5500

    Hi guys, I have purchased LOGITECH Z5500 couple of days ago. My onboard REALTEK HDA is not upto the mark. My ASUS PMKPL-VM have S/PDIF concetable pins onboard but the socket is mising and S/PDIF AUDIO MODULE cards are rear and fullishly overpriced so this option sucks (real bad...
  18. R

    which soundcard

    please help (suggest a good soundcard) which sound card should i buy for my logitech z5300 ? Budget ~10,000Rs. pls suggest models with prices. . that works well under vista thnx in advance also i'll be upgrading my speakers to z5500 in the near...
  19. jit_devil2

    speakers and soundcard

    hey guys can u suggest me the best speaker+soundcard under rs 8000...............well is speaker+soundcard under my budget possible..............if yes then what or do i go for costlier speakers and omit da soundcard???????????????
  20. crs_cwiz

    Soundcard problem

    I've got an asus P5N32-E sli mobo (nvidia 680i SLi) with soundmax HD audio soundcard. ihavent used it for quite a few months ( during the rains) and now that i'm back home, the souncard doesnt work. the front ports are working, but the back ports refuse to work. funnily, i hear sound from one...
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