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  1. Ridwan Shafi

    Beginner in Robotics: help me with it

  2. dOm1naTOr

    Which shaving set do u use?

    Hi, I know this qn is way too strange for a tech site...but this is a qn indeed. when i go to shop, im really confused which is gud.. Ive used mach3..but not turbo. Is there any difference? And also mine is a plastic one nd looks cheap. Ive seen somethin make of full steel. Howz it? And any...
  3. ssk_the_gr8

    gamin mouse + gamepad..

    hey i need a gamin mouse for 2000... it should be usb & wired.... i d prefer a laser mouse... & a ps2 like gamepad for my friend he wants to play his PES :D budget is 1000 (it can be increased) should he go for logitech or somethin else? plz give ur suggestions no one answered yet !!
  4. spynic


    hey guys wer can i get a real small digital wattmeter.. somethin like the pic.. im frm mumbai.. n ne idea hw much it costs? its a part of my case mod project... so i need to get somethin like this in, to c hw much power my rig is gonna suck..
  5. V

    use dos bootable iso without burning

    i have bootable iso of my hdd tools. it is just 2 mb. is there any way i can use the iso without needing to burn onto a disk. somethin like virtual drive. but it should b able to work in dos..
  6. D

    Virus please help

    Hey guys i didnt scan for viruses for some 1 week or somethin and today i scanned i found 2 viruses a Win32.Anserin. Trojan.Anserin is a Trojan horse program that logs keystrokes and steals information entered into certain banking Web sites. i am very afraid somethin will happen.... wat...
  7. A

    The C:\ Drive

    I just wanted to know if cluttering the C: drive really slows a system down? Can anyone give me a reason... Secondly...the default "My Documents" location is somethin like C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\My Documents Is there anyway i can make this point to a location on another...
  8. Z

    ASP Linux 10 and Windows partitions

    i installed ASP Linux 10, but it doesnt see my Windows partitions (which are NTFS). Although, other Linux distros can see them...do i need 2 install somethin to make Linux see them?
  9. K

    What is this gendel32.exe......................

    What is this gendel32.exe...................... Can anyone say what is C:\gendel32.exe?? Is it potentially dangerous or somethin................
  10. L


    i heard that doom3 is being launched this week in the usa anybody know somethin about this?
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