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  1. iMav

    Linksys no more

    Cisco has decided and announced that it will kill off the Linksys name entirely. The only reason Cisco kept the name after they bought out the smaller company was for brand recognition in the US (Linksys was much better known among consumers) Source
  2. ashishnehete

    can we instal xp with vista present

    i jjust got my dell inspirion 6400 which is loaded with windows vista home basic can i install xp on my other drive would there be any problem the computer management in the control pannel shows that the D drive is a logical partion but it is too large in size can i make it smaller to instal...
  3. vinit suri

    24 online help?????????

    can ny one tell me whr i can get the trial version of 24online ...........which is smaller than 380 mb.........plsssssssss help.???:(:(:(:(..also can ne one tell me wot the software does...?????
  4. S

    Move over silicon, there's new transistor material in town

    Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology plan to present research on transistor technology next week that they hope will jumpstart a new development phase in tiny electronics beyond the iPod and the cell phone. MIT engineers estimate that silicon transistors, essential to...
  5. subratabera

    Procedural Textures: Gaming's Future

    One company's claim that its new texturing process will make games 70% smaller. That company is called Allegorithmic and the technology the guys there are developing is designed to keep texture quality standards as high as they are now, whilst making the size of the texture files 90% smaller...
  6. K

    Firefox Attachment Window problems

    I have been using Mozilla firefox since the version 1. I now have firefox installed. since some time while using rediffmail or hotmail or yahoo accounts with firefox, whenever i open the attachment window the window opens in a smaller size where i am unable to see the various icons etc...
  7. Charley

    Require a POP UP BLOCKR for IE6

    Only 1 site seems to gimme problems. It just keeps opening popups even after closing and that too every page. BTW its a forum Any softie with a smaller size is appreciated. Pls provide the llink for downalod... Cheers....... 8)
  8. karthik55859

    how to compress a file?

    hello everyone How can i compress a file to minimum size using either a zip or rar i compressed it but only few KBs it compressed is their any settings we should make in winrar to still compress to smaller size,,,i have an 2.32 MB file i want it to b sent to floppy is their an any way to...
  9. S


    Recently i bought a Samsung CTV and also bought a Headset with it. My problem is the headset pin does not go into the socket on the Tv its too big . I tried contacting local electronics shops but they say it is a standerd pin and there is no smaller pin available. I even tryed pushing...
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