1. K

    corsair cx500 v2 smell

    hey guys.. i bought corsair cx500v2 psu..and sapphire 6670 1 gb ddr5... i installed the both in my cab.. after start up the psu is giving out slight burning or synthetic smell.. pls it ok for it to give out smell??
  2. vickybat

    Best android phone under 8k(strict)

    Hello friends. :) Need to make a purchase soon and budget is tight as you can see. Have shortlisted on two phones which are: 1. Samsung galaxy Y @ 7.5k 2.Samsung galaxy pop s5570 @ 8k Guys from what i've found out, the pop has a slight better hardware than Y as it sports an adreno...
  3. mailshobhon

    The slight sound from dvd drive From Asus K53sv

    The slight sound from dvd drive while booting is normal according to you when there is no dvd. Anybody having k53sv can help i will be grateful. Friends who are having asus k53sv laptop please comment please guys
  4. Cool Comps

    Slight shock from computer USB port

    Guys!!!!!!! Suddenly I realised yesterday my USB ports are giving me a slight shock if i touch them. Now today i am getting the shock anywhere i touch the metal portions of the case!! What should i do?
  5. Orpheus

    Is DC harmful?? the story goes...I have a PS3 console,A LCD(BenQE2220HD),2 Laptops and Powered HDDs. My area suffers from erratic power cuts and hence I thought investing in a UPS and hooking up all the mentioned devices will be beneficial and bought the UPS(iBall nirantar 621):???: . But now one my...
  6. shaunak

    new look of google

    google have included a cool new context sensetive side bar. ps: this seems to work only through the g keyword in opera. ps: Faced a slight problem while uploading pics earlier :) Sat Aug 19 2006 2:50pm
  7. R

    Confusion in reading/writing symbols!

    I bought a Asus dvd writer, i hv slight confusions regarding the reading/writing speeds and symbols! It supports following formats- DVD-RAM, DVD+/-R/RW, CD-Text/Extra, Karaoke CD, DVD Single/dual layer discs, CD-Rom/XA, Photo CD, CD-DA, Video CD, CD-R, CD-RW. Now i want to know the full...
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