1. R

    Samsung vs BenQ | LCD vs LED

    Hi, I am getting a good deal on a used Benq V2410 with 1yr warranty. Currently I am using a Samsung B2230. If I sell the Samsung for Rs x, I can buy the BenQ for Rs 2x. I am confused if its worth the money. Is there a significant difference on image quality? Or should I wait for a year or so...
  2. M

    TV Panel

    Does the panel has a significant part in the performance of a 3D TV?
  3. T

    Right math tutoring?

    For all high school students who are yet to decide on the subject as your major, lets discuss what are the significant facts that makes Math an obstacle in your core academic grades and how to deal with it.
  4. K

    comparison btwn processors...

    friends help me to choose whether i7 -2670 will outperform i5-3210 based on performance wise.. and please reply that whether quad core i7-2670 will have any significant advantages over dual core i5 -3210 in long run and in performance wise...
  5. windchimes

    Indian Movie Exhibition _ Multiplexes Vs Single Screens

    Dear Digitians, I need all of your help in one of the media research activity I am taking now. You all would be definitely lovers of movies and I would like all of you to take part in this media research survey on the Singlescreen Vs Multiplex theatres in Tier 1 cities in India. Your each...
  6. G

    Google is more reputable than Facebook, Microsoft & Apple

    Following scandals, recalls, and self-inflicted economic crises, the American public’s overall corporate reputation is experiencing rehabilitation. Every year since 1999, Harris Interactive measures the reputations of the 60 Most Visible Companies in the US, and the 2011 version is now...
  7. D

    laptop ram

    i have a 3 year old compaq laptop that has a 1.7 ghz celeron processor and 256 mb ram and its slow as hell . so will see a significant change in performance if i increase the ram by 1 gb ? or is it a waste of money .
  8. D

    GTA 4 New Patch available now!

    well the new patch is available now. link- * i applied the patch but i got a lot of textures went missing completely..& everything was on air..the roads & buildings were all black...this was when i changed most...
  9. Third Eye

    Microsoft urges Nokia to offer Windows Mobile devices

  10. techtronic

    Top 10 Significant Hardware of 2006

    Enjoy Source : *
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